Treat Yourself Tuesday: For My Mind & Body


It was your Monday, but it was my Saturday.

I woke up at 6:30 to some rain that quickly subsided.

I laid around and made a list of to-dos.

First up, run errands and finally eat a homemade egg & cheese sammie and PopCorners. Oh my gosh, this is the best flavor!


I had coupons for nail polish so I treated myself. 🙂
IMG_3154*I tried the Revlon one also, but I may need to trade out the color…

I love the $1.99 Sinful Shine Gel Tech in Royal Flush.


It was so sweltering hot by the afternoon.

Baron found shade.


…and I found my way to yoga. I treated myself to 20 days for $20. 🙂


I’m currently obsessed with this area!


I was super early so I stopped by Healthy Junk for an unsweetened hibiscus berry iced tea.


The room is actually pretty small but intimate.


The practice was sweaty and left me feeling strong and bendy. Mind you, I was sore from yesterday!


I even killed it with wheel pose. I didn’t even need to warm up with bridge pose!

*Goal: to get one leg up!

I was starving by the time yoga was finished so I ate Trader Joe’s garden veggie lasagna with some chicken.

I also made Fitnessista’s PB&J amazeballs and made one with s’mores goodies that turned out really good!


My attempt at watching “The Great Dictator,” recommended by our sound guy Eric the Entertainer, semi-failed because though it’s good, I couldn’t focus!

*Instead I watched “MasterChef.”

If I had a motto, this would be it.


My treats for today:

  • AM yoga
  • Grab some coffee
  • Stop by Home Eco:Nomics, which I’ve peeked into but haven’t had a chance to go into
  • Car wash
  • Dinner with co-workers 🙂

How are you treating yourself?


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