A Place I Live: Center Street Anaheim

I met Natalie from The Sunshine Grove at work. She and her husband are garden, beauty, and life hackers/DIYers. They did demos on container gardening, beauty from the kitchen, and jam cocktails!

Natalie lives a vintage, mid-century lifestyle and if I would only work harder, I would do my hair and dress like it too. One day…

She also lives near my area and her blog showcases her neighborhood through “A Place I Live.” I cannot wait to go to the Anaheim Coves for a walk or hit some buckets at Island Golf Center!

With that said, I decided to show you a bit of my new neighborhood. I live at the edge of 3 cities – cross a street and you’re somewhere else. That’s the suburbs for ya!

Anaheim is the home of Disneyland, just a few blocks away, but downtown Anaheim is being revived in a big way. The Packing District opened up earlier this summer – it’s an old orange packing house made into a fancy food court a la The Ferry Building.

Just one road down and across the street is Center Street Promenade.

The Yoga Mat is there. I’m obsessed – one of their instructors Louise is actually a friend of my co-worker/yogi friend! What a coincidence!


I’m obsessed with Ink & Bean for their simple menu and decor.


I sat outdoors to read Sexy by Nature. There’s also a free library in an Airstream trailer!


Next door is a fancy but pricey cheese shop.


There’s a trio of men’s shops on the other side of Ink & Bean, including Barbeer – get your hair cut and a drink.


But I mostly lounging around waiting for Home Eco:Nomics to open. The store is small but mighty.


I ended up buying jewelry. Earrings and now rings?!  The ring says, “I promise to look on the bright side” from Whitney Howard Designs.


Finally, I stopped by Healthy Junk, a vegan restaurant in their “Good Food” food court, for watermelon juice.


What a great way to start the day!

I even visited my family, cleaned my car, and am about to shower for the evening!


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