Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Positivity & Popularity

Thinking-Out-Loud“You’re so positive.” Only recently. I wasn’t positive as a kid and definitely not as a teenager, and for years I was depressed (really).

My friend Allison and I are in search of full-time jobs with tons of interviews under our belt (one a week at least) yet I’m not stressed. My take on it: I do my best and I’m content with my responses. It’s hard to fit in correct responses and show off your personality in 20 minutes, and well, I do my best, which is pretty darn good. Even though I came in second again, I’m hopeful. I mean, I can’t do anything about it now… so onto the next.

Same thoughts on my social life.

“You were popular in high school huh?” I’m glad you think that but no. Not at all. I was “normal,” maybe considered nerdy. I was insecure like all teenagers, overweight, and all I enjoyed was eating, watching TV, and going online. I had some cool friends who would take me places like parties and bowling.

The combination of age and experience has led me to be ridiculous because no one remembers or cares except you.

With that said, here’s some fun from my “weekend”/Monday & Tuesday.

Christy accompanied me to get a haircut. 3 inches off and it feels good – I’m still getting used to the look.

IMG_2856Then the co-workers met up for Taco Tuesday and then bowling at Costa Mesa 55 Tavern+Bowl.

IMG_2921Not horrible… haha.


Ryan did tell us he used to bowl a lot


So many pictures… here you go.

Finally a normal picture of Ray


A not so normal photo they took without my knowledge


Such adorable faces


In love with this one (not in that way though).




How do people take those super epic selfies? This isn’t bad I guess. Love their faces!


They make working at the county fair less daunting everyday.


…and now I wait for the best gift of summer: the arrival of my love Drew, and midnight sushi!

What are some words to describe you?

How have you stayed the same/changed since high school or college?


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