I hope my horoscope is right!


1. I slept in, kind of. Today was my day off after 7 days of work and standing.


2. This is amusing and I cracked up – the super adorable sound guy at work is only 20! Someone told me he was 24.


3. With that said, can you tell I’m already starting to get over the other guy? So I knew going in that he was moving to Poland in 2.5 months. Well, that’s now a month away and with our schedules, it’s almost impossible, especially if he wants to see his family. I’m preparing myself…

3. I’m going on a hot date… with 3 guys. Haha, it’s my fantastic co-workers: Eddie, who I’ve known for 3 years now and brought me 3 cakes; Ryan, the hipster who has worked with us for 2 years and whom I will sometimes see downtown; and our newest, the former football player Rob. Eddie asked the sound guy to go, but alas, he is 20 (see #2).

4. I treated myself to cheese! The caramelized onions cheese should be melted into a fondue!


5. I finally found a clock for the house. FYI: Target donates to Goodwill. It’s a big large for the space though.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

6. This is the best tutorial ever on making iPhone photos better. Check out how these fake succulents looked yesterday and today.




7.  I got a couple of succulents for myself too! I need to figure out how to organize them as I will be getting more! Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

8. I got called back for an interview with the principal! I had an interview on Friday and thought I did terribly, but alas, I got pushed through! So far, in all my interviews, I’ve gone to the principal and am always THIS close.

Therefore, I hope my horoscope is right this week!

This is from HelloGiggles!

Your week ahead is about three significant things:

1) You enter a new luck and growth cycle aimed at your income, possessions and purchases. This is the first big push like this of 12 years and it lasts a year so to this end begin looking for ways to be creative, love what you’re doing, focus on kids or lovers in the mix, get the legal stuff in place, travel, market what you’re doing, learn or teach it, or tie it to weddings. How can the money flow or possessions open here?

2) You enter a new love and income cycle that focuses on you, what you do with your body, image, brand, name, title, identity, or personal needs in the mix. This is a shorter cycle, about a month, but it helps you step up and put yourself front and center so get your image out there to earn or show up in person and allow the money or love to flower. It’s a great time for new hairstyle/cut, wardrobe, headshots, or make-over.

3) You begin the major 5 month push regarding serious commitments, endings, structuring, limits, responsibilities, and ambitions tied to your love life, lover, the kids, a creative project, or recreational activities. Look at how third-party situations or shared financial resources are working, any mortality issues, divorce plans, births, reproductive needs, or your sex life are being handled in relationship to these matters and get real about what needs to be done.


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