MIMM: Marvelous at Work (the County Fair)

My summer job has service industry workdays, meaning we work hard on the weekends.

This isn’t bad since because I spend it with some marvelous people – I’ve mentioned this 100xs before – and it has gotten better.


We have good demos and food! None of us eat the staple fair food of fried butter or turkey legs.


We get interesting visitors. Where can I get a flamingo cart? We also get to see my cousin and other cool dudes, like the LOVABLE SOUND GUY.


I work mornings before the commotion, and when it’s just me manning things, it goes smooth. It’s almost zen.


We have a sugar artist who made succulents.


The Plant Stand also sells succulents at 1/2 off! I bought a couple and intend to buy more!


I’m overseeing the craft area too. I hot glued graham crackers together and helped people make birdhouses.


Our other craft was etching into rolling pins. Um, is this inappropriate fraternization to show love for one of the Ryans?


We totally got a reminder e-mail about fraternization and everyone thought it was about them. I can think of 1000 situations in which we offended each other:

  • “I told Rob he had nice calves.”
  • We hug each other all the time.
  • An older lady, “I just asked him if he was going to the same parking lot and would walk with him.”
  • I’ve asked everyone to hang out.
  • “He’s got a big ol booty.”

We make jokes constantly, inappropriate ones, and we gossip.

My #ManCrushMonday this week is Evan!


Our fruit artist, Chef Ray Duey, picks our song every year. He proposes this one:



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