Birthday week with my favorites (Pageant of the Masters)

I haven’t had a lunch at work in 3 days. That’s how busy we are.


Birthday #MoveHappy was yoga for 30 minutes.

I celebrated by adding sprinkles to my Kodiak Cakes.


I grabbed bagels for the staff and some coffee from Cafecito Organico for myself.


I forced all my co-workers into wearing party hats.


My birthday was baked goods entry day. Lots of cakes, bread, cookies, candies… all of which I refuse to eat. After the first year, you realize how gross it is.


I did eat some of this winning cheesecake brought by a very unassuming guy.


Plus, Eddie brought me 3 cakes from SusieCakes, none of which we ate that day because we were so busy.

I got to take home the tropical cake.


He brought a red velvet for us to share.


And this smiley face lemon cake.


I got to leave early on time (usually we work till 1-2 AM on this day) and went out.

First stop, my favorite place, but my bartender wasn’t working so my BFFs & I hit up Pizza Lounge. Surprisingly amazing drinks!

I got the Port Brewing Double IPA and Julie got a soju cocktail, which was super sweet so she balanced it by drinking mine.


Allison came too!


…and my BFF of 20 years Peter, who is a gauge on which every man will now compare.


THURSDAY, we had to put all the baked goods in cases. Surprisingly, no one stayed past 10 the night before!



I left on time again (unheard of) and headed to Laguna Beach for the Pageant of the Masters with my bartender. 🙂 Another check on my list of date ideas.

I’m the best date ever: fresh winning bread I confiscated, salami and cheese, organic apples, and KCCO black lager.


We couldn’t take pictures inside, but it was gorgeous! It was outside in an amphitheater.



We were spotted with our glass bottles and were instructed by security to chug our beers. I won. 🙂 He sent this picture of the cap he unexpectedly he found in his pocket.


FRIDAY was the first day of the fair, but I had an interview. I set it for the latest time, came in 2 hours early, and got the rest of my shift covered… and I got written up. Not only that, I was told she would hire someone else just in case I do it again.

That didn’t help me in my interview. I was pissed about the situation all day. I’m even contemplating quitting and just going on vacation. Or waiting till I get fired when I have another interview…


Because I hadn’t had lunch in days, I went to Hana Maru nearby for a late lunch. I got the Vegas roll, a riceless but fried roll (I had to work around it) and the Hanabi, which was some type of fish wrapped around crab.


I proceeded to take a 4 hour nap because I’ve expended too much energy working and playing over the last 2 weeks.

Overall, despite everything today, my birthday week was well spent with some fabulous people, especially these boys:


Ideally, who do prefer to spend your birthday with?


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