Treat Yourself Tuesday: The Little Things Mean A Lot


Holidays are great, but boy do I need a day after to rest.

No way am I getting it. It’s the week of opening day and I will be working long hours all week.

1. Energems sent me a package that arrived this morning right before work. I packed one of each box (chocolate, mint, peanut butter) to take with me.


Add in some coffee – my co-worker says this season is the time she needs it most – and I was set.

I started by moving tables for the table setting show, putting out tables for the fake decorated cakes, and clearing/cleaning the stage with my crew. I broke a sweat moving all those tables around 4-5 times till everything fit!


2. After work, I headed to the gym. This actually motivated me to stay at work rather than go home early… and you know, the paycheck did too.

I ran/walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill and did 10 minutes on the upright bike before BodyPump.

Its been a long time and I had to look up how I did in comparison to last time. Not bad. I definitely surprised some girls behind me when I put on 50 pounds for 4 minutes of squats. I’m also glad it didn’t hurt my back at all. I was winded doing clean and presses too!


All in all, I felt like a beast! 🙂



3. I stopped by to visit my family and came home to a nice empty house – all our visiting family members left for Vegas! 🙂 What better treat?!

4. My co-worker suggested going to the Pageant of the Masters in which people are painted and reenact paintings. She’s a genius! Another good date idea!

Now I just have to cross my fingers that my “date” will be able to go. Prayers please because this would make for the best birthday ever!

5. And if that doesn’t happen, I’m celebrating my birthday at my favorite place (and being a bit of a stalker) with my mainstays, my BFF of 20 years Peter, my friend Julie, and my awesome girl soulmate Allison.

6. A treat I’m looking forward to: my 27th birthday on Wednesday! Yes, I have to work, but I get to work with people I’ve known for 3 years or are so cool that I’m starting #mcm (Man Crush Monday) using all of them! 🙂


What makes a regular week great?


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