WIAW: Digestion-friendly foods

Years ago, when I didn’t hardly eat and worked out too much, I screwed up my stomach. To this day, I have trouble digesting. I ate some rich food the other day, not very much of it either, and was extremely bloated and burped all night.

I’ve learned a few tricks, especially on days when I don’t want to bloat.

  • Kombucha, gelatin, & turmeric all help.
  • Healthy Skoop, my morning superfoods, has probiotics and it gets me extra fiber!
  • Chew my food more. This aides in digestion.
  • Chopping up my greens into tiny pieces eliminates the need to chew as much and makes food easier to digest.
  • Meat and dairy are bloating culprits. Meat is harder to digest and maybe I’m lactose intolerant… I am Asian.
  • Grains are not aggravating, in moderation. Brown rice sushi is my go-to when drinking.
  • I can drink too much water. I drink a ton of liquids (see below) and sometimes overdo it!

Sometimes too many raw veggies make me bloat. Kodiak Cakes are a great option to settle my stomach.


They say to drink chocolate milk after a workout. Fairlife is hands down the best out there – lactose free and delicious. See how it’s done. I can’t wait to see it in stores!


Lemonade LA gets a reputation for having fresh food, but I think it’s a bit too oily.


The lemonade there is also too pricey. Instead, I bought some iced tea and some gummies because gelatin’s good for me right?


Food at home is always better: steamed salmon with its natural oils.


I went home and made my own lemonade: turmeric ginger lemonade from Cotter Crunch and lavender lemonade.


I also made my own gut healing kombucha/Emergen-C gummies – recipe from Cotter Crunch.



Blend was a few weeks ago, but I am still eating my swag.

I won a 3 month supply of Organic Valley.


…and since we didn’t the new Cookies & Cream flavor at the retreat, we got it sent home!


A day in my life: water, green tea, lavender lemonade, Healthy Skoop, Organic Valley egg & cheese breakfast wrap, Quest bar for snack, and salmon chopped salad (chopping the salad helps me digest it!).


Don’t worry, I ate more. After work, I went to Whitney of To Live & Diet in LA’s Vinyasa y Vino event (also her birthday!) where we ate some appetizers and drank wine after yoga. I’ll talk more about it later!

*Don’t forget to enter the Healthy Skoop giveaway!



4 thoughts on “WIAW: Digestion-friendly foods

  1. oh you know i love this!! and i’m glad you are figuring out what’s best for you. I do think each ethnicity has a different reaction to grains, dairy, etc. It’s important to figure them out, yes?

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