Treat Yourself Tuesday: Healthy Skoop [and GIVEAWAY]


I’ve gone to the Fit Expo and the Natural Products Expo and got tons of snack bars and powders. I’ll try the protein powders, but I don’t use anything else like pre-workouts, hydration powders, or even green powders. I try to get my greens from my daily salad.

But if you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed my almost-daily photos of Skoop.




Maddy Moon, one of my fabulous suitemates at the Blend Retreat, works for Skoop, a superfoods company.


She handed out 5-day challenges of the A-Game to Blend attendees.


I probably wouldn’t have tried it, but it was fancily designed and I love good design and Maddy is lovable and convincing. Maddy’s story resonates with me. Sure, I wasn’t a body builder, but I overtrained and underate too and well, that backfired terribly. I was left with some health problems despite being healthy. Most of those have gone away over the last few years except my digestion.

I came back from Blend with knots in my stomach from eating a variety of delicious food and drinking way too much coffee. *Travel also tends to hurt my stomach.

Too much coffee at Blend!


Back home, I immediately tried the 5-day challenge and just as quickly, my stomach problems were gone. No uncomfort and bloating! In addition to the 41 organic non-GMO ingredients (superfoods), A-Game has probiotics! The probiotics helped me digest the goodness from my daily salad and it has additional fiber for my heart, inflammation, and metabolic health (a definite plus!).

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 4.24.00 PMI was Skoop-less over the weekend and my stomach was in pain. Thankfully, when I got home on Monday, I got my Skoop and felt fantastic. Plus, I welcome any excuse to add chocolate to my diet – they use real cocoa in their ChocoFresh! Don’t worry, if you don’t like chocolate, they have SweetGreens, which is delicious too.

Thanks Maddy for the package and sweet personal note – I miss you too!


I’m currently drinking the A-Game every morning in place of my morning coffee. It’s easier and faster than making coffee and I don’t feel the caffeine crash. Yes, my plain black coffee has very few calories but the A-Game’s 50 calories are totally worth it!


Here’s a quick review, if you didn’t want to read all that:

  • A-Game has 41 organic non-GMO ingredients.
  • A-Game has probiotics to help your gut function and absorb nutrients.
  • All those superfoods have fiber for the heart, metabolic health, and healthy inflammation response.
  • Only 50 calories for all the deliciousness.
  • Easier, more convenient, and faster than coffee.
  • A-Game has antioxidants to strengthen immunity and provides sustaining energy.
  • A-Game has adaptogens to fight off stress and promote recovery after workouts.

This amazing Colorado-based company offered to send one reader (1) 30-serving bag of A-Game and a free BlenderBottle!

To enter:

Winner will be announced on Monday, June 30th.

*Disclaimer: I was given a bag of Skoop’s A-Game, but all opinions are my own.


21 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: Healthy Skoop [and GIVEAWAY]

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  2. I just found your blog! Exciting! I am always looking for foods that help with digestion, this looks like a great product and would love to try it! I follow on Facebook:)

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