Five Things Friday: Feels Right & Paint Night


5 things that made this week FANTASTIC

1. My first Fabletics outfit came. I wasn’t sure about patterned capris. The bottoms were a bit tight of course.


2. I won $50 to Onzie from 50 by 25 and my peacock capris arrived already! I’m getting over my fear of patterns. These were so comfortable that I wore them around the house all day.


3. Work isn’t too fun, but this is funny: the first signs we put up. And making $ is good too.


4. I officially ended something that never felt right. Because I found something else as well as something that feels right (2 separate things).

5. All signs point to this being a date, but I’m never sure.

We did well until the leaves.


We had some wine, too much talking, and not enough listening.


He thought it would be nice he took home mine…


…and I take home his.

5 things I’m looking forward to

1. Not going downtown to dance. I enjoy dancing, but I’m over this place and the people. 😦

2. Beach with the girls on Saturday – I might ride my bike down there.

3. Sushi with a friend on Sunday because I love sushi. I even had sushi for dinner tonight.


4. A Tuesday night event that I will share with you when it comes!

5. Next Saturday in Hermosa Beach:


It’s late at night and I’m hungry – 5 things I want to eat

1. More of the BEST mac and cheese


2. Lobster BLT

3. Pizza from Mother’s Market

4. C4 Deli when I say they had a deal.

5. Sushi, which I get to have on Sunday!

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7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Feels Right & Paint Night

  1. I wear the heck out of my Fabletics gear, but overall, the fits weren’t great for my petite size. I’ve always wanted to do a “blush and brush” (or whatever they’re called). I think your paintings came out fantastic!

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