Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Fabletics, my go-to bar, & my summer job


Don’t take things personally. I have to remember that my summer job is fast-paced and crazy at times. Some of the older ladies get stressed out at work and get testy towards me. I’m not as good with adults as I am with teenagers so even though I am technically “above” them, I don’t approach it the same way nor do they.

On the bright side, some of the people are awesome. I have to work at 12+ hour day on my birthday this year – it’s the big baked goods delivery and judging all in one day – but I’ll be spending my birthday with people I know and love! We’ve become a family over the last 2 years and 2 fairs. For some of us, this is our 3rd year together! I also might secretly be in love with one of them. There’s a new group of guys who are helping out and they are hilarious too (and one is rather good to look at!).


I love getting mail. It doesn’t matter if it’s just ads, catalog, or a magazine either.


I got free samples from Pinch Me. This is the best one yet: travel-sized shampoo, something for Baron, and nail polish, which I desperately need although I was so tired today I didn’t even want to bother.


My first Fabletics outfit came! I picked the Sept because I love kooky capris but always shy away from them.


  • The small top fits perfectly and isn’t too long.
  • The headband almost has the texture of a sweatband.
  • The capris are medium and I had the hardest time tugging them onto my thighs. See that first photo? Thunder thighs. They’re super tight, which Katie said was normal (duh Julie!) and Becky said would loosen up. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I wore them to bed to help it out.

Even though I get magazines, I don’t actually read them. They often sit on the dining room table for weeks before I get to them. However, I love Jillian Michaels and I was tired today.


I’m glad I did because I just signed up for 2 classes at the Summer Shape Up with Jillian Michaels & Friends. Her “friends” include Tony Horton, Cassey Ho of Blogilates, and Natalie Raitano, who was on the show “VIP” with Pamela Anderson!

I found sunglasses I look good in and won’t have to squint anymore. I tend to break them easily, which is surprising because I had eyeglasses for 3 years before they finally broke!

These were $7 ones from TJ Maxx.


I went to downtown Huntington Beach for the 4th week in a row.

Julie finally got her rainbow drink at Aloha Grill, which, unlike the dive bars I like, was touristy and gross.


Not only did we go downtown, I went to the same restaurant/bar for the 4th time in 4 weeks. I definitely found my go-to bar. We got some drinks, Julie got fries (like always), and we shared the best mac and cheese ever.


It was Wine Wednesday yesterday, but I went out on Tuesday night and got a bit tipsy. I did want to share this coupon I clipped from Sunday’s newspaper though. *Plus, I have a date to a brewery tomorrow and therefore need to give my body a break.


I have tomorrow off to sleep in, paint my nails, and listen to Maddie’s newest podcast!

Have you tried Fabletics?


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