Treat Yourself Tuesday: Winning!


Yesterday, I shared about the gorgeous dress (left) I bought that like this dress that Canadian Julie wore at Blend.


I had the hardest time picking a nail polish to go with it.

I got a little out of hand at Walgreens. 🙂


I bought 69 cent polishes, which were just like the more expensive ones.


And these weren’t treats to myself, but I got 2 packages in the mail! I love getting mail.

My 3-month supply of Organic Valley came! I won it at Blend.

I also got Skoop in the mail. Oh did I miss it! Watch out for a giveaway! My tummy was happy too after a day of feeling terrible.


Finally, I got a tweet from Laura of 50 by 25 telling me I won her giveaway! I immediately went on the Onzie site to shop.


After some deliberation, I picked the peacock capris. I’ve seen them and have coveted them!

What is your fanciest workout gear?


3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: Winning!

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