MIMM: The [Suburban] Outdoors & Father’s Day Brunch

First things first, my dad is out of the country so I made him a quick video.


Fridays, whether or not I work, is a night in. I stayed in and finished “Orange is the New Black.”

Saturday, I woke up and did a quick 15 min AMRAP from Kama Fitness and some Fitness Blender videos. If you need a rec for workouts, Fitness Blender is the best!

Afterwards, I went on a walk with a friend around Irvine Regional Park. It’s a gigantic park with hiking trails around it.


I used my Patagonia backpack from Organic Valley, Camelbak water bottle, and brought an Rx bar, all my #blendswag.


I’ve made chopped salads for dinner a couple of nights. I can’t believe I never chopped my salads before – they taste so much better and are easier to eat. I wrapped my salad in a corn & wheat tortilla.


Sunday, I was tired, but I haven’t had coffee since binging at Blend. I made a matcha latte with almond milk using Kiss Me Organics, which I got from Blend too.


I tried to work out and completed about 15 minutes of bodyweight cardio before I stopped. My knees have been sore so I ended up stretching for another 15.

I treated my uncle and aunts out to Father’s Day brunch at his favorite spot, Tai Buu Paris.



He likes the eggs and baguette. I got the Bo Lac Luc, or shaking beef, with a watercress salad (and no rice).


I trekked down to Downtown Santa Ana.


I’m lucky enough to have 2 Patchwork Festivals nearby. The Long Beach one is better and possibly bigger, but the Santa Ana one is located in a beautiful, historical, & artsy area.



Why does everyone like cats??!


Tea heaven: During my stay at Blend, I tweeted the concierge at the Hyatt Escala to bring me tea. Hey, they tweeted me first! I used to drink tea every night and am bringing the tradition back.


I also did a bit of shopping at TJ Maxx. I liked both dresses, but like always, the bottom fit perfectly and the top was a bit loose. My mom, the tailor, can fix it. However, the blue one was loose all around, especially the bust. I’m going to scour some other TJ Maxx stores to find a smaller size!


All I bought at this Patchwork was pop candy for my mom and a fresh baguette from Bakeshack. I proceeded to make bruschetta with food in my pantry. I call this Southwestern bruschetta.


I need a new show or book to read – recommendations?


4 thoughts on “MIMM: The [Suburban] Outdoors & Father’s Day Brunch

  1. Looks like a good weekend!! I love workouts like you did. They cover ever muscle group so not only are your muscles tired after, but your heart usually ends up in your throat šŸ˜‰

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