Currently: June

It’s late Friday, like 11:45 P.M., and I’m watching people bake pies on “Masterchef.” I wanted to bake something this evening – Fridays have become my rest days, especially since I went out last night for a staff party then met up with a friend to drink more beer and play darts. However, I didn’t because who’s going to eat it all?

Anyhow, here’s a fun “Currently” post.

Current book: The Fault of Our Stars on audiobook

Current music: An oldie

Current guilty pleasure: Naps and drinking a bit too much.

Teachers like tequila. They also served St. Archer’s White Ale, which was so good!


Current nail polish: Lilac


Current drink: Water and lots of it! It was so dry in Utah that my lips were chapped the whole time.

Current food: Today I had riceless sushi, chicken taco salad, a Greek yogurt bar, and strawberry cheesecake Quest bar.




Current favorite show: “Orange is the New Black” is back on, but I’ve been watching “House of Cards” and “Masterchef.”

Current wish list: Sneakers even though both are only a year old.

I have staple workout shoes for training and running.

I have training shoes.

Next: This should replace both.

My casual shoes

Next: I’ve had these and loved them!

Running shoes, which I don’t have at all but need for running/hiking: Asics GT-1000 2.

Current needs: Good makeup remover and self-care products. I’m very minimalistic when it comes to a beauty routine. Now that I wear makeup more, I have to make sure I care for my skin.


Current triumphs: Running. More to come on this! For now, I wrote out a bunch of workouts and assigned each one a day. It worked pretty well, but today, I was tired and my knees are dying. 😦


Current bane of my existence: Finding a full-time teaching job, putting on clothes, and putting on makeup (I’m getting better). I won this eyelash perm and tint [at the staff party], which I really need! My eyelashes are so non-existent and hard to curl/put mascara on.


Current indulgence: Wafers & banana ice cream from Han’s Homemade at the Anaheim Packing District


Close up of the ice cream


Current blessing: Living at sea level with ocean air. I love the mountains, but its been awhile and I couldn’t breathe.

Current outfit: A shirt I won at the staff party that says “Edison Football.”

Current excitement: Going out into nature tomorrow.

Current link: Alex’s Blend Recap: Thursday & Friday because of a hilarious photo of me during the Oiselle run.

Current mood: Full from a Quest bar… and thus, tired.


Share some of yours.


3 thoughts on “Currently: June

  1. Masterchef is gooood so far this season. I’m loving it, although there’s already a few that I can’t stand 😦
    That song is such a good flashback! Its been re-done a ton of times, but sometimes the oldie really is the goodie 😉

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