WIAW: Ice cream & pizza (summer staples)

I woke up early for no reason. I just had to return a book and make copies, but the copies were already made so I was in and out in less than 10 minutes.

I came home, napped, and finished watching “MasterChef.”

Today’s workout: cardio warm-up, kettlebells and look who smartened up and wore Strength Wraps – now people who stop asking who is beating me and threaten to beat them up, and finished off by exhausting my arms.

My first box (after the sample) of Honest Company products came. I forgot to cancel, but I will keep it since you can push the subscription back up to 2 months! I probably won’t use all these products by then – I love the face and body lotion and the healing balm was perfect because I found out I’m allergic to fake jewelry. I never knew how bad it was because I never wear makeup!


I prepared to go to the first SoCo Nights: an outdoor movie at the SoCo Collection/OC Mart Mix. I only RSVP’d myself so I went solo.

This week they showed “Moonrise Kingdom” and had free pizza from Urban Pie.


I got the banh mi pizza, which unfortunately was so sparse on toppings. I’ve had their pizza before and it’s normally very good.


The movie didn’t start till dark and it was hardly 6 so I ditched. Yep, that doesn’t work well for my bucket list (below), but I’ve made plans with people to see “Jaws” outdoors.

I stopped by Confetti Ice for some vanilla custard with peanut butter ice. I hit every green light so I popped it in the fridge when I came home. It’s still there/I gave some custard to the pup.


Oh and then I came home, watched some more Netflix, and made this graphic of my summer bucket list.

Summer Bucket List 2

Those 10 e-mails? All job applications I finished today before the deadlines this week.


What can’t you get enough of this summer? I’m all about ice cream and (unpictured) guacamole and chips!


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