WIAW: 2014 Spring Patchwork Festival Long Beach

The Patchwork Festival is one of the events I look forward to every year, and I’m lucky enough to be close to two locations. So I actually get to go to 4 each year (one on the spring and one in the fall). This weekend’s festival was in Long Beach.

The venue is gorgeous, right by all the ritzy homes that don’t all look alike. The streets are tree lined, there’s a park nearby, and it all overlooks the water.

Breakfast: Front Porch Pops‘ mojito popsicle and Brown Box Bakery’s gluten free horchata cupcake.


One vendor had all things panda.


I need this sign!


Best cut outs ever!


I ended up buying a couple of posters: The Poster List & Maiden Voyage.


Afterwards, I headed to Starling Diner. I didn’t eat much at the wedding the night before because I was having too much fun so I was starving! 


MARVELOUS retro decor


Reminds me of the diners in Asheville 🙂


Supposedly the best scone around, and it was quite MARVELOUS!


MARVELOUS slow roasted pork scramble made with egg whites


I jetted down to Laguna Beach afterwards.



I met up with this boy band of Denton, Daniel, and Andrew. I look like I had a fantastic night. 🙂


Since I also missed the wedding cake on Saturday, which was apparently from King’s Hawaiian – the people who make the famous Hawaiian rolls, I stopped by Sweet & Saucy Shop on the way home for a mini candy bar cupcake and mini lemon cupcake.


 Where is the best place for cakes or cupcakes in your area?


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