Treat Yourself Tuesday: The Best Wedding Ever!


Only 6 more wake ups till I’m done with school (AKA work) and 10 more until Salt Lake City/Park City. Although I am totally regretting not making a stop in Colorado now because all the cool people live or are from there. See explanation below. šŸ™‚

This weekend was particularly special. My cousin got married, and it’s definitely a treat! Vic is my first cousin on my dad’s side to get married and I’m much closer to my dad’s side, partly because we’re all around the same age – Vic is in his early 30s.

The wedding reception was at the DoubleTree Hotel. I helped pass out the seating to 400 people. It was a tough job because it wasn’t organized yet and translating names to English made it confusing.

My family put my full name.


They had a custom logo.


They arrived with some Chinese lion dancers.


The details were MARVELOUS and perfect.


Drunken cake toppers were so appropriate for them! The cake is from King’s Hawaiian. I had so much fun I forgot to eat it!


We won the centerpiece.


There are no pictures of the “treats” unfortunately…

First off, there was an open bar (2 glasses of wine, shots of Johnnie Walker whisky, a couple of rum & Diet Cokes) and a table that told us about 4xs that they were the “Bachelor Table.” šŸ™‚

I definitely fell in love with a very cute [Irish] guy [from Colorado] who wasn’t drinking much like everyone else and he’s my cousin’s friend so he’s not sketchy nor does he look it anyways.Ā There was a parting goodbye kiss and… he has my number and regardless of if he calls or not, I can say there are plenty o’ good looking fish in the sea that I can catch. šŸ™‚Ā 

Aside from that excitement, I reconnected with family members and danced so much I was dripping in sweat and woke up the next morning with nappy hair.

A few of the cousins, and I found a seashell bra!


My table. I wasn’t ready. Haha.


I ended up staying on my aunt’s couch in their hotel room. One of the bachelors walked me to the room but you know, I was already in love (see above).

More to come as they release pictures… I didn’t have much of a chance because it was dark and I was having tooooo much fun.


*Oh yeah, I was telling my BFF’s girlfriend and her reaction was You have such a fun single life. Little does she really know.

**This week’s agenda:

  • Memorial Day – visited grandparents at the cemetery, hang out with family, rest, worked out (almost wanted to throw up!), did some homework
  • Tuesday – homework, possibly spending time with a friend in Downtown Huntington Beach
  • Wednesday – homework, Pacers/Heat game at Michael’s
  • Thursday – homework, World’s Fair judging at work
  • Friday – homework, karaoke at Durty Nelly’s
  • Saturday – homework, Anaheim Packing District Grand Opening!

2 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: The Best Wedding Ever!

  1. That wedding cake is so gorgeous! And I love the fact that you’ve met someone interesting!! It certainly makes attending a wedding even more enjoyable šŸ™‚

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