The Need for Comfort [Food]

It’s Friday night/Saturday morning and I wanted to update ASAP.

The Donut Bar opened up not too long ago in my hometown. I drive by everyday and decided to pick up the Samoa donut. I mean, how can it be bad? Well, it was bad. It’s a baked donut, hard, and the toppings were glued on it. This is my third time trying the Donut Bar and I really need to stop trying. When I took it out of the box, it was a brick and just looked gross. Thank goodness my student loves coconut and eats anything.

Now Sidecar Doughnut does a Samoa right. They didn’t have it, but they had two amazing doughnuts: I had to restrain myself and only took a bite of each!

Banana macadamia pineapple


Coconut flan


The school finally called me back on Friday. Maybe they meant this Friday not last Friday?! No, they actually had a tough time choosing between me and another candidate. Well, they didn’t go for me and that’s okay. Had you told me Tuesday, I would’ve had a meltdown. I realized that…

  • I actually don’t have my credential yet… only a few more weeks.
  • This was only my FIRST interview this year!
  • I got to the final round!
  • This is my second time being SECOND. Last year, I went to the final round as well.
  • I got experience interviewing in front of a panel and doing a demo lesson plan.
  • I had no connections to this district – this means I have hope outside of our district!
  • Speaking of that, our district has quite a few openings coming up.
  • There are still lots of jobs in the area.

So while I was sad, I am also hopeful. I even gave them a call back and they told me to apply again when there’s something else available.

I packed a [canned] tuna salad for lunch, but I stopped by Mother’s Market for some comforting vegan mac and cheese (plus I posted some recipes yesterday and was craving it!). I ate the tuna salad for dinner.


I’ve stayed up late this week so I needed a nap to clear my head. Naps everyday…

My friend Alison told me about the flamingo and tiki decor at the Dollar Tree. I picked up this seashell bra. It’s not comfortable, but it’s fun!

Perks of having itty bitties. 🙂 Body image post coming soon…


I finished up with some homework, watched more of the “The Game,” and readied my nails for my cousin’s wedding tomorrow.




One thought on “The Need for Comfort [Food]

  1. ha! Love that seashell bra!! your nails like great!!

    That’s too bad about not getting it, but good for you for focusing on the positive! Many great points about what’s next! Good luck with more interviews!! 🙂

    See you in just a few days!!

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