MIMM: Friday’s post

So… I started this post on Friday and forgot about it. This will be one big post.

I have no idea where to start. For one, I’m still sick feeling better.

Juices work.


Ice cream might be irritating for my throat, but it’s good for the soul.

Joe’s Italian Ice is by the house, but it’s just okay.


Now, Andrew’s ice cream is amazing! Homemade chunky monkey and cookies & cream:


This week, I’ve napped… everyday. Or tried to.

I applied for a few jobs.

Hey, and I still worked out.
IMG_0182  IMG_0192

My arms look like my friend Peter’s. 🙂


I’m okay with that though.


And made dinner.



Or I got take out. I picked up pizza to share from Vegan Pizza. Everyone ate Dominoes Friday night but I’m snooty with food.


Friday night: Albert’s birthday at Proof. I admit, I always have fun there!


Saturday night: Rachel’s birthday dinner at fancy Houston’s.

We voted on who had the longest arm. This turned out well.


I need to hang out with these people more!


What I haven’t done? Homework. Ugh.


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