MIMM: Cinco de Mayo Housewarming


Because we bought the shirts, we had to wear them again. We headed to Michael’s, an awesome neighborhood bar with friends and some great patrons. I had a couple of beers, which I’m not sure is the best idea when sick. Our team won (and somehow it was louder for the Warriors in the bar than for the local team) but lost the series last night.

Happy Friday! Baron has become less anxious.


I found out that Costco was serving their poke, which is usually only available in Hawaii. Not bad. Still expensive though.


After the Costco run for guac, salsa, chips, and beer, I picked up a Tropical Cooler from Nekter.


Oh and some Dirty Tequila because this was the secret ingredient.


I used a bit of it to make vegan margarita cupcakes.


I got to bust out this thing. 🙂



Those were for the party so I got myself dessert at Joe’s. I was bummed because the soft serve by itself wasn’t actually very good.


I love hosting parties. Here’s the spread. The light made it difficult to get the whole table.


I made margaritas and a grapefruit vodka with sparkling water.


The cupcakes got frosted.


Chips and dips


Ceviche, tortillas, and some of the beers.


Outside: Mexican soda, candy, and implements for beer pong.


I drank too much, got some shitty news, and got pissed off/cried.

Um… it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to?

But everyone forgave me…


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