MIMM: How did I get senioritis?

Guys, I have senioritis. This is appropriate too because I’m over my own classes…

So this is what I’ve been doing to make it MARVELOUS.

After not painting my nails for months…

Perfect weather for some green juices.


…and sushi (or a Samurai Burrito).


Fundraising gala with teachers… I thought this was appropriate after wine and 2 Moscow Mules at the hotel bar, Fireside.


In the morning, I headed to Venice Beach.



Muscle Beach


Abbot Kinney, which is one of the coolest streets ever. Lots of shops not as many bars or restaurants though.



We had to head home though, but I stopped by for some pizza.


Ice cream with my cousin


I tried this brand at the Natural Products Expo with some kombucha. I immediately grabbed a bottle to mix with lime-flavored sparkling water when I saw it at the store. Austin, Texas is so hip.


Because summer is here, I’m planning a Cinco de Mayo housewarming party.


Baron is home! We finally picked him up from my aunt’s house.


Now I can use the hashtag #dogsofinstagram


Sunday was spent decorating:

String lights are so hard to find when it’s not winter.


Funky flamingo and cactus from Party City and $1.50 paper lanterns from Daiso.


I also picked up some paper tissue flowers. I only made one but finally made use of my empty Cheerwine bottle and washi tape (from Target).


A Cinco de Mayo party wouldn’t be complete without a colorful banner. This Bud Light umbrella also appeared at the house (from my uncle) and a folding table “for parties (thanks mom!).”


IMG_4894I considered buying this but wasn’t sure if it would be culturally appropriate.


IMG_4895I’m already looking forward to my nap today… 🙂

Do you have senioritis or spring fever?


One thought on “MIMM: How did I get senioritis?

  1. I have senioritis but sadly I’m just beginning my journey to grad school, so I better get over it fast haha!

    I love the flamingo for your Cinco de Mayo party. Sounds like it’s going to be fun!

    And can you please tell me more about this Samurai Burrito?! Holy yum!

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