Five Things Friday: Spring Fever

Hi everyone! Popping in to say hi. It’s very late and I’m up because I took a nap, I’m watching “Bones,” and I have some homework to do and I just can’t stop because I won’t have time this weekend.

5 things I’m doing this weekend

Trying the free trial of Barre3.

Fundraising gala tonight

Watching “Moonrise Kingdom.” I was looking for pictures – every scene is postcard-worthy as this post states.

There’s talk about going to Malibu & Hollywood this weekend 🙂

Homework #fml

Plan a sushi-making party

…and if I ever get the chance to make a dish soap dispenser from a mason jar, this is how I want to do it.

5 links

Lemon poppy seed pound cake with lemon poppy seed buttercream

5 way to love your body RightThisVerySecond

20 ways to love your body

4 simple tweaks for faster weight loss and I mean, this whole site.

The health hazards of sitting infographic

The best way to end a casual relationship

45 lesson from a 95-year-old woman

5 things I did this week

Homework, kind of.

Drink a few [read: 3] beers and sing “Just A Friend” and “Cooler Than Me” with two random strangers.

Gush all over tall mountain of a man. Uh, so was every 21 year old girl.

Get observed by my college supervisor, which went perfectly. The students were angels.

I told the class to introduce themselves.

“Hi, I’m ___ and I like cats.”
“Hi, I’m ___ and I’m a typical Mexican.”
Me: “What does that mean?”
“I like soccer.”
“Hi, I’m ___ and I’m a common white girl – I like Starbucks.”

Haha. What one thing would you say?


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