MIMM: Spring Break 2014!

So the days have pretty much run together. I didn’t expect spring break to actually be SPRING BREAK! What I mean by that is, I got NO homework done… and it was MARVELOUS. This isn’t something I would do all the time because by Sunday, my body hated me… then I got my sweat on and some coffee and am getting back to some responsibilities (homework).

Monday – Class 😦


  • Worked all day
  • Taco Tuesday with other Julie & a new friend but no tacos to speak of. Instead, we went to The House of Blues at Downtown Disney, drank too much, and had way too much fun. 🙂


  • Corona del Mar to walk on the jetty



  • Late dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (naked tenders with salt and vinegar seasoning!) with some guy friends.


  • Worked a half day
  • Bought an Apple TV and set it up!



  • Friends came by the house to drink wine and play flip cup.


Best picture ever…



  • Slept in while relatives came over for a housewarming party.



  • Girl date part 2: dinner and another beer at Provisions Market. I ate a whole freaking sandwich and I didn’t care. It was good and I didn’t feel bloated.

(photo from their Facebook because I didn’t want to be creepy on my girl date)

I cleaned up for my girl-date. 🙂 Although this dress is less attractive in person cause it doesn’t support my booty.


Post-girl date


And this is what I’m left with…


And hey, one is not like the others.


If you get spring break or some sort of week long vacation, what do you do?
I definitely need to get back to some normal foods…


3 thoughts on “MIMM: Spring Break 2014!

  1. Looks like you took FULL advantage of your spring break!

    That’s one lame thing about not being in school anymore- no vacations 😦 But if I get a long weekend, I usually try to balance lazy relaxation time with going out.. Best of both worlds!

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