MIMM: Retro Weekend

Another weekend and I didn’t do homework. Um, it’s not due till the 19th and I have spring break that week. 🙂 Another reason I dislike online classes… I don’t do well with rolling deadlines. Most of it is uploading things I’ve already done though.

Let’s talk about what MARVELOUS things I did instead.

The giant Costco plastic wrap container is an eyesore so I wrapped it with liner. Much better.

I ran out of food at the end of the week. I got out early on Friday and was starving. I shared this pineapple and chicken pizza from Kech Cafe (it’s in a gas station!) with my cousins.


I made a stop by Target and spotted the Young House Love collection! I want their MARVELOUS book!


My MARVELOUS Friday night involved wine and Joy.


I ended up baking A Beautiful Mess’ matcha green tea donuts. They weren’t bad, much better in shape than the strawberry donuts I made.


On Saturday morning, I went thrifting in Long Beach. Retro Row on 4th Street is one of the most MARVELOUS destinations, reminds me of Asheville (my home of 6 years!). I didn’t end up with anything, most of it was too expensive.


Cat dresses?!


While Retro Row has some good restaurants, I wanted to try Samurai Burrito back home. The Geisha roll has crab mix instead of rice, salmon, cukes, and green onions and was MARVELOUS!


Sunday, I went to one Home Depot twice, which I don’t mind because they have some good looking employees. 🙂

I also went to three other Home Depots as well as a Lowe’s. They’re all closeby, but I was in search of succulents and cacti for the house.

My first attempt resulted in two minis and a small cacti. The minis looked so small on the mantel so I returned them.


Looks like everyone else was buying them because I couldn’t find another one till my last stop at Lowe’s! Here’s the mantel and fireplace. I need to string some lights on the “JOY” or make something more seasonally appropriate. The TV is going on above.


For lunch, I had another Geisha roll.

Snack break: new-to-me Three Happy Cows caramel yogurt.


Dinner: grilled cheese on top of my brand new placement from Ikea.


In the middle of moving, I found this MARVELOUS handmade dress. A friend gave it to me: old tank with a bottom made from old curtains!


I love it and want more vintage-y clothes!



3 thoughts on “MIMM: Retro Weekend

  1. Marvelous is that crab wrap! Geebus 😯 I’ve never seen one before and now I want one beyond belief. Sigh, I highly doubt any sushi places in AZ have anything that delicious. But I shall inquire! Eh..maybe I shouldn’t. Considering there is no water here and EVERYTHING is imported…it might be a little sketch.

    Invite me over so I have a reason to fly out to your neck of the woods! haha 😉

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