Five Things Friday: The Art and Food


5 7 things I ate

On my way to class last Monday, I stopped by a Parisian bakery for an Earl Grey and pistachio macaroon. So, I don’t like French pastries…


I finally tried the Donut Bar. I got the Elvis, salted caramel, and blood orange, all of them raised. They were HUGE. Salted caramel was the favorite.


I expected to love the Elvis, a banana filled donut with PB frosting, but it was my least favorite.


Now for the good stuff: Salted Caramel Greek yogurt Yasso! Amazing – go get some!


More Greek yogurt goodness: Green Mountain strawberry Greek yogurt cream cheese! I wish I had more bread-y things to put this on!


I haven’t consumed too much nut butter lately. I had a jar of natural PB and added some fancy marshmallows (from Natural Products Expo) to make it like a s’mores.


And the best for last: a vegan zombie pizza from Mother’s Market. Now that I live closer, this will be a weekly occurrence.


Also picked up a new flavor of Bragg’s dressing. I like the Hawaiian/tropical flavor better.


5 things I made

EAT: paint on leftover wood flooring from here


Southwestern art: paint on wood, inspired by this photo shoot’s table


Scallop wall art: paint chips glued onto wood


And if you haven’t seen these: that infamous painter’s tape art with my own spin. I wasn’t a fan of how this turned out though.


I LOVE this one. All I did was buy different bottles of paint, pouncers (round sponges), and canvas. Try it here.



5 6 things to be excited about

Mixing paint at the store. I love these colors!


My cousin’s wedding invitations!


These flamingo socks I really want…


And this flamingo-colored wall painting:

Spring break in a week!

Oh, and fitting into my smaller jeans!

5 things I have to do

Actually “go” to my online class

Paint the mantel and doors in the house

Organize the closet… I hate this!

Go to work… um, I’m late



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