MIMM: Alive

I’m alive and I’ll be back and kicking blogging soon.

We finally got internet. I was supposed to have internet on Wednesday, but of course, it didn’t work out. It took the tech 2 HOURS to figure it out today.

Where did I leave off?

I painted the remaining 2 walls in the living room. The bathroom and hallway are still not painted, and I would like to touch up the doorways and window sills.

I organized the hallway closet with blankets, towels, extra toiletries, and sheets… boy were those tough.

I cleaned and lined the dresser and nightstand drawers.


I found a MARVELOUS shower curtain and some MARVELOUS painted mason jars for the counter from TJ Maxx.



FYI: I spotted the same mason jars, after I bought them for $3 each, on a design board for $23! No way would I pay that…

I even bought new shampoo.


After all the daily excitement, I slept early everyday – around 10 or 11 – and woke up at 5-5:30 to workout. I reserved a spot on the patio but found that I like the garage when it’s cold out.

A few NOT SO MARVELOUS things happened, but they all got fixed:

The garage door opener “broke” but my real estate agent came by and fixed it. It was easy too.

The plumbing got fixed too. I hadn’t showered in the house because the toilet clogged… and came up the tub.

 What’s happened to you in the past week? Have you ever gone as long without posting? I haven’t except for that week or so on vacation in North Carolina!


One thought on “MIMM: Alive

  1. Welcome back! I am loving those colored mason jars. They fit perfectly in your bathroom. Not too much has been going on here. We’ve been experiencing sandstorms so going outside really is no option.

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