Treat Yourself Tuesday: House Progress Pictures 2


I started off my morning by sleeping in an hour so I didn’t get my morning workout in. I was too tired from the night before and wanted to treat myself to some rest. 🙂

Though I did work up a sweat this morning from about 30 minutes of stuffing clothes in trash bags and carrying who-knows-what that I packed into the luggage.

Flapjacked apple cinnamon pancakes are always a breakfast treat.


I always go through my 22 oz water bottle at work, and there’s no way I’d drink school fountain water (gross!), so I bought myself a new-to-me sparkling water from Trader Joe’s.


This weekend and the week is filled with fun and lots of work around the house. I’m not moved in yet!

Nothing has been done to the living room.


The master bedroom was painted and the carpet ripped out.



I’ve used the other bedroom as storage till we paint it as well.


I treated myself to some new towels in the semi-Southwestern bathroom. The towels are 25% off at Target!


The kitchen has been the main focus since I can put everything in drawers. The oatmeal is going in that container.


I lined all the drawers with this retro blue paper.



I bought a utensil tray.



I had to pick from all my pans to put under the oven.



And finally, I bought a door mat. I don’t typically like butterflies, but I liked the lighter color and design.

IMG_3890What’s your favorite room to decorate in your house?


4 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: House Progress Pictures 2

  1. Love these! We are living in a tiny little apartment right now while we look for a house… this post has me itching to find the perfect one and start decorating!

  2. I love all of your Instagram moving pics – keep them coming. Moving is hard work but you are ROCKING at it! And I love to decorate the kitchen first. It is the room I spend the most time in 🙂

  3. Those pancakes look yummy! 😛 I love decorating, my fiance is so laid back, he pretty much leaves me to do what I want, which is great 😛 Love your kitchen ideas and accessories! My fav room to decorate would probably be the living room.

  4. Those pancakes look delish 😛 Loving your kitchen utensils! I’d say the living room is probably my fav room to decorate. Making it cozy yet stylish is always what I go for 🙂

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