Thinking Out Loud Thursday: My Role Model & Natural Products Expo Day 3


I’ve totally dropped the ball on blogging and taking pictures. Not much is happening except for student teaching and still trying to recover from a weekend of standing. So far, I’ve worked out a whole 1.25 hours from Monday through Wednesday!

I am back to eating meals instead of snacking and am working my way through all the freebies I got from the Natural Products Expo.

I am absolutely loving my student teaching placement. Often, I reiterate that I’ve worked in the education biz for 8 years and I know a lot. But there’s still a lot to learn and I need to get off my high horse. My master teacher is a 12 year vet, department head, and extremely knowledgeable and passionate. She is one of the few teachers in our department who stays late and whose students come to her before and after school and during lunch for help. Her lessons are evolving, partly because in special education, until recently, you could teach anything from biology to English. Now, you must be highly qualified in an area (i.e. have a major in the area or take a lengthy subject test).

Besides that, I look up to the way she lives the rest of her life. She’s back in school even though she doesn’t have to but because she wants to and she eats 3 square meals that are generally healthy – not salads all the time and sometimes it’s frozen, but no big deal. She also dresses up, has manicured nails, and is just put together. She keeps her work at school and hangs out with her animals and boyfriend at home, working out together, doing yard work, or fixing up their home.

I need to buckle down…

So there are my thoughts and now here is the recap of day 3, the final day of the Natural Products Expo.


I hardly saw the outside once I went to work inside so I went to work early everyday to enjoy the quiet.


I snuck into the other halls to get pictures since it’s too wild to stop and take them when there are people.





At lunch, my co-worker and I ran to the Lifefactory booth. I grabbed 6 bottles, two for another co-worker, and 4 for me, my mom, aunt, and cousin at $10 each.


My co-worker led me to some delicious ceviche from Marca Peru. I definitely have to go to this restaurant!


On the last day, all the booths gave away their products instead of taking it all back home.


I got meat from Zoe’s!


I mentioned cricket protein bars, which I got my hands on and wasn’t too bad. Though I don’t see a point in eating them…


I really dig these cookies for kids. The lemon broccoli is a bit odd because of that broccoli flavor, but the rest of them are fantastic!


Who is your role model?

What new foods have you tried lately? I saw that Hansen’s kale soda at the store today…


6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: My Role Model & Natural Products Expo Day 3

  1. Wow! You had quite the haul! I’ve never tried anything as exotic as a cricket protein bar, but I did try alligator a while back at a Bass Pro Shop. It tasted exactly like chicken.

    My sister obtained a ton of great experience in her student teaching and is now a department head after only five years in the field. (I think that’s short?) It’s so beneficial to have such an excellent role model leading you through your experience!

  2. I love that you mentioned that your master teacher not only works hard to provide students with the best learning experience possible, but that she also takes care of herself as well. I really do think that that’s an important lesson to pass on… Putting time into ourselves doesn’t only make us healthier, but it’s also a reflection of the fact that we value ourselves and see ourselves as something worth investing time in.

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