That time I forgot to post on Friday (Natural Products Expo/Expo West)

Hey y’all. I’m probably up super early today and heading out to the Natural Products Expo to work. I completely forgot to post this because I’m engrossed in the Natural Products Expo. I work about 9 hours but unlike a regular job, it’s insanity all day long. Busy and on my feet for all 9 hours, even during my break when I run around the expo trying to see everything! I’ll tell you all about it on Monday.

This week has been crazy so my posts have been quick shares.


5 foods I’m eating

While Amanda is Hawaii, I’m enjoying Hawaii here. I would totally prefer her way though. Funny thing: when I posted this picture on Instagram, Lauren had just posted a giant jug of Bragg’s ACV. This dressing only has 20 cals per 2 tbsp and is made with ACV so it doesn’t hurt my tummy!

(This says “fat free,” which isn’t necessary since the ingredient list is just ACV, a bunch of fruit juice concentrates, and some rice starch.)


2. My cousin ate half my Flapjacked pancakes this morning so I stopped by the store and found Detour‘s SMART bars on sale! I got 2 boxes of apple cinnamon and blueberry form them and loved it! I tried their cranberry flax flavor this time.


3. This afternoon, I wanted something sweet. Instead of chocolate, I had a NuGo Slim crunchy peanut  butter bar. 180 calories and 17 grams of protein almost beats Quest bars. They’re almost 50% cheaper though!

4. Okay, I did have chocolate. I went to retrieve my badge for the Natural Products Expo and went to the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace tent where I ate lots of chocolate, hummus, chocolate hummus, tea, chocolate tea, and bread samples.


5 things I’m super excited about

1. Um, the Natural Products Expo. I’ve never been to it nor have I gone to the Anaheim Convention Center. It’s huge. I went into just one hall and was overwhelmed. I can’t imagine all 7 halls! The list of exhibitors must be in the thousands!


2. On that note, I’m totally going to Flapjacked first chance I get to stalk Paige and Lauren!

3. I mean, I will see them at Blend too… The Blend Retreat schedule is out! I am getting there on time this year! Last year, I came right at dinner on Friday and missed the festivities beforehand.

4. “Scandal” every damn week!

5. Moving in a week! I wish I was already living there though because it’s 3 blocks from the Natural Products Expo…

5 links

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5 things I find sexy in a woman that aren’t all about sex by Joe Vennare (love him!)

Best cupcakes in L.A.


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