WIAW: Luna Grill

On Sunday, I was invited to Luna Grill. I love Mediterranean food… dare I say it’s my favorite?

Luna Grill has 3 locations near us and is opening up an even closer location! I can’t wait after trying their food!

This location in Irvine opened up last month.


The restaurant is casual. Simply order from the board and they’ll bring out the food. They didn’t have handheld menus left, but they have calories counts for all their food – a big plus!


Clean and modern styling


They have beer and wine, but we got some cans of San Pelligrino.


They have happy hour everyday on drinks and apps.


We went with everything the manager suggested, starting with the hummus dip. The pita was perfectly toasted and warm.


Our meal came out immediately after. I got the flat cut chicken kabob plate. For someone who doesn’t eat rice, I was tempted and ate quite a few little bites. It’s buttery yet clean.


Mom went with the bistro filet beef kabob plate. She finished it all!


We were stuffed then attempted to do some shopping. We failed. We ended up going home after a couple of hours and resting.

What’s your favorite cuisine?


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