Treat Yourself Tuesday: First day of student teaching


I dreaded going to work this morning. It isn’t work really but student teaching. The whole ordeal is strange, different from my first experience. I wasn’t prepared. I’m supposed to observe this week.

By the end of the day, I was exhausted but relieved. I only have one subject to plan for instead of three and no paperwork! You have no idea how much paperwork is put into special ed! I already have the whole unit/month done!

My morning started at 6ish. I made Flapjacked protein pancakes for breakfast, which I ate super early (7 A.M.) before the staff meeting.


My lunch was super clean: shrimp with Power to the Greens and broc slaw and some oil-free hummus.

I was so hungry after school that I had dinner at 4 P.M. I tried EVOL’s cilantro lime chicken. It was okay…

IMG_3510My cousin called me after work to wait in line at Afters with him. He finally got to try the milky bun, a warm doughnut with almond cookie ice cream and some Reese’s. It was amazing…


Since class is over and I already have lesson plans through March, I laid in bed all evening…


I picked up The Bungalow by Sarah Jio from the library but ended up watching my favorite season of “Dexter” instead, the one with Trinity.

The biggest treat this weekend besides all the delicious food I ate? This yellow scallop area rug from Target! It was 20% off + my cousin works there part-time and has a RedCard (additional 15% off).


Tonight, I’m treating myself to dinner with my friend Julie at Eureka. They just opened up.

..and of course king cake because today is Fat Tuesday! Whole Foods is selling them by the slice! Here are “The Real Meanings of 5 Fat Tuesday Traditions.”

How are you treating yourself today?


9 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: First day of student teaching

  1. Awww I think it’s awesome that you work in Special Education!!!!! I always get so giddy when I meet people who work with them, and I appreciate everything you guys do. Also, I’ve heard of those donuts! I’m not sure whether I want to try it or not because it sounds so extremely rich…haha. Today I treated myself with some amaaaazing choc/cinnamon chip gf banana bread! I just made it on the fly and I’m surprised by how good it came out. Couldn’t wait and inhaled a huge slice. 😛

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