MIMM: Trust me [when I say it’s MARVELOUS], I like big butts.

The MOST MARVELOUS ecard ever.


It was rainy all weekend. We needed it. Luckily, I borrowed an umbrella. I don’t own one because it hardly rains here…


I didn’t bring lunch, thinking that I would pick it up after school. I settled for a giant Zevia in my favorite flavor and a Quest bar.


But Slow Fish was closed, as is every other sushi restaurant at 2 or 2:30. So I picked up a beastly sandwich on paleo bread from Meatheadz. Haven’t been there since the paleo challenge last year.


Saturday started with TurboKick. I’ve gone to Zumba, BodyPump, and TurboKick last week. This is insane since I haven’t gone to the gym except for yoga. I won’t be going back – it was painful on my feet and ankles. Too much cardio.

Then it was time for a family function. I brought much-needed coffee bigger than my head.


Afterwards, I went window shopping. I can’t find marvelous pillows… this was the closest.


Of course, I found myself all this MARVELOUS chocolate for $3.


I got hungry while shopping. I stopped by George’s Greek Cafe for their happy hour lamb chops and ate half the spanikopita. Great, reliable restaurant with friendly staff!


Back to shopping: This is the MARVELOUS doormat we’re getting from World Market. Didn’t get it yet.


House shopping turns into food shopping:

I spotted this Asheville-based Roots hummus at Whole Foods and finally bought it. The employee said this brand was MARVELOUS. πŸ™‚


Another MARVELOUS Southern brand: Atlanta Fresh Greek yogurt with caramel! This ended up being dinner along with some cauliflower dipped in above hummus.


More generic but there’s a lot of caramel lately…


REI just stocked Flapjacked the day before and had sold most of their stock already!


I made them 8 minutes before leaving for yoga.


They cook up fast, makes an insane amount, and is absolutely MARVELOUSly delicious!


How was your weekend marvelous?

Where do you shop for home goods?


14 thoughts on “MIMM: Trust me [when I say it’s MARVELOUS], I like big butts.

  1. Dang – you had no problem eating good food this weekend. I can’t believe with a sandwich looking THAT good, you hadn’t been back to Meatheadz since last year. Paleo bread can be hard to find. I wonder if they sell it?

    After many unsuccessful pillow shopping, I finally just started purchasing pillow covers instead.

    • They get their bread from a grocery store actually. It’s by Julian Bakery and I’ve spotted it at Whole Foods.

      I was told to sew my own, but I’m not very good at it. They have tons of pillow covers on Etsy, but it’s so much to look at!

  2. I’ve found that HomeGoods and Marshalls have great random stuff. But I’ve never found Flapjacked, and I really really want to try it! I love the Atlanta Fresh yogurts–the port wine is really good, and is great partially frozen. All of this stuff looks fab!

  3. Where did you get that ginormous Zevia?!?! I’ve only seen the regular size. And that sandwich from Meatheadz looks amazing. I’ve never been there before but now I definitely want to go.

  4. I knew it was going to rain all weekend here in SoCal, but i was still surprised by just how much wet weather there was! I’ve never heard of FlapJacked before but Cinnamon Apple sounds like a truly marvelous flavor. We’re lucky we don’t live closer to REI or I think my guy and I would be there all the time. He pretty much wants to buy everything πŸ™‚

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  6. Baahh, there are so many things I love/want in this post! First off, World Market is my hangout, I seriously love that place (probably too much). Second, I would trade you that zevia/quest bar lunch for my salad right now in a heart beat. Third, please go back and buy that rug, it’s gorgeous and now I want one, just because. Fourth, I’ve seen FlapJacked all over the interwebz and each time I read a review I get encouraged to try it out. Sigh, I think you’ve convinced me to order some online. Too lazy to drive to REI πŸ˜‰

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