MIMM: Alive

I’m alive and I’ll be back and kicking blogging soon.

We finally got internet. I was supposed to have internet on Wednesday, but of course, it didn’t work out. It took the tech 2 HOURS to figure it out today.

Where did I leave off?

I painted the remaining 2 walls in the living room. The bathroom and hallway are still not painted, and I would like to touch up the doorways and window sills.

I organized the hallway closet with blankets, towels, extra toiletries, and sheets… boy were those tough.

I cleaned and lined the dresser and nightstand drawers.


I found a MARVELOUS shower curtain and some MARVELOUS painted mason jars for the counter from TJ Maxx.



FYI: I spotted the same mason jars, after I bought them for $3 each, on a design board for $23! No way would I pay that…

I even bought new shampoo.


After all the daily excitement, I slept early everyday – around 10 or 11 – and woke up at 5-5:30 to workout. I reserved a spot on the patio but found that I like the garage when it’s cold out.

A few NOT SO MARVELOUS things happened, but they all got fixed:

The garage door opener “broke” but my real estate agent came by and fixed it. It was easy too.

The plumbing got fixed too. I hadn’t showered in the house because the toilet clogged… and came up the tub.

 What’s happened to you in the past week? Have you ever gone as long without posting? I haven’t except for that week or so on vacation in North Carolina!

MIMM: An almost phoneless weekend

Normally, I would take a ton of  pictures, especially considering my weekend. I didn’t because I was so busy I didn’t have time to.

The last load of things on Friday for “The Great Move 2014.”

It’s official, I’ll be back at the fair. Not my first choice, but I’ll take any job… plus they work with my schedule.IMG_3930

On my way home, I stopped by Confetti Ice for a MARVELOUS peanut butter ice and vanilla custard parfait. I couldn’t eat it all.


I did a little shopping: bought a trash can and a bath mat, both at Ross! This was so difficult for me too!


The traffic sucked on the way home so I took a detour for MARVELOUS Xa Sweet & Savory Cafe and their chicken, sweet potato, and plantains. So good!


And… we have flooring! I bought and returned TWO different kinds of flooring before this one worked. Apparently, the others have a small gap that could be bad if water or sand got in but I liked them more. 😦


First breakfast in the new house, and my first time trying Kodiak Cakes – they work really well and are only 130 calories per serving, 7 grams of protein, and $4.99 at Target!


I’ve been so busy painting because I decided to take on the task all by myself because I saw the work my uncle did.

I can’t wait to show you all the finished product! I have 2 more walls to paint, but I have class tonight and won’t be able to do it yet! 😦

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Painting

Hey… it’s still Thursday. 🙂


Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I haven’t had much to snap. Here is what my life has consisted of…

1. Waking up at 5:30. Working out or pressing snooze depending on how my body feels.

2. A lot less working out, but I’m feeling fine physically. Actually, better than fine. My workouts run between 30-45 minutes if at all. A lot of my “working out” involves moving flooring, boxes, and painting.

3. Not thinking about eating. I just eat when I get hungry and boy do I get hungry.

4. Standing and talking all day. I taught writing skills, having the students argue for vegetarianism, using 3 articles I gave them. More focused than letting them go out on their own.

5. Spending 2 hours at The Home Depot. Instead of the “distressed brown hickory” laminate, I decided on “Silverhill oak,” which is also distressed but almost HALF the price. It took Matt, the very cute employee, 30 minutes to search for it.

We also got paint – vanilla custard (see below). They forgot the primer on one gallon so there was that.

Nothing got done because I spent all that time after work there.

5. Ice cream soothes my distressed body. Enlightened is so much better than Yasso


6. The next day, I ended up painting the laundry area and the space for the fridge so those pieces of furniture can go in.


7. Speaking of painting, I may or may not be going to a paint and wine night with friends. I may not go because… I don’t like the painting we’re making… There are so many better ones out there! Okay, that’s terrible of me, but I want to be able to hang something up!

8. I’m also going to see “Divergent.” I read the book in January and still haven’t read the others!

9. I ran out of Flapjacked pancake mix but scored a deal on my favorite frozen waffles: Nature’s Path hemp plus waffles!


10. I eat breakfast in the car. Every single day. I also started adding other necessities like Band Aids and lotion. I got this sample through PINCH me for free and I’m obsessed with the smell!


Have you done a paint and wine event?