Thinking Out Loud Thursday: [Good] News & My Personality Doppelganger?


This week was filled with good news!

1. I was stressing out about temporarily not working to student teach, but it looks like I’ll have a seasonal job, even though it’s not ideal, while/immediately after.

2. Not only that, I’m going to Natural Products Expo for the low price of FREE and I’m getting paid.

3. I’m also going to Coachella for FREE! Coachella is a huge music festival with big names (see below).


Find me at Urban Pie there selling you delicious, fresh local pizza! I’ve always wanted to be apart of a thriving local business!

4. How I’m perceived because I work for the schools:

1) I’m instantly trustworthy.
2) I won’t judge you. (I just pretend everything is a joke.)
3) And of course I’m a good person. (Well yes. Although the creepy teachers are killing this for us.)
4) I have fantastic people skills. (I’ll toot my own horn: I’m really good with students and only a little bit less good with adults in person.)
5) I love kids.* (The “kids” are high school students not small children – been there, done that and it wasn’t my favorite, but I survived and I can do it.)
6) I’m patient. (The least true of them all. I’m extremely patient with students, but I have very little patience with adults sometimes.)

All of these are [partially] true.

5. The students told me I remind them of Esther Ku from “Girl Code.” So either I’m funny or I’m weird enough to be on T.V.

6. Speaking of those lovely students, their teacher asked me to come back again on Friday. That’s 3 times in 2 weeks! I can say 100% that I did a great job – I really connected with every class. Typically, teachers ask me to sub repeatedly because they know me and while students may like me, it’s more of a social favor than anything.

Oh and I cannot wait to have sushi from Slow Fish again while I’m there!

7. Other delicious food: organic, non-GMO ice cream from Sweet XO with my little cousin.


Strawberry shortcake for me, circus animals for her.


8. One of the GNCs I went to told me their buy 3, get 1 Quest Bar deal was over, but I went to my favorite location and they still had it! Must stock up on my favorites:


9. We’ve postponed our move for 2 weeks. Not a problem on our end but our tenants, the really nice family, hasn’t closed on their home yet.

We’re okay with this because they’re nice, they’re paying us, I have a ton going on this next week, and it’s raining this weekend anyways.

10. Since we found a nice sofa/sleeper for such a good price, I’ve had to readjust my decorating. The sofa is basil or a green – what color goes with it? We need decorative pillows and a rug.



5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: [Good] News & My Personality Doppelganger?

  1. I find it super interesting that you prefer working with high school students over younger kids — I’ve heard that was the hardest group to teach! And as for the couch… ooo that’s a tough one. I would either go with some kind of patterned gold/yellow, or maybe a cream or tan.

    • I find young kids hardest to teach! It requires so much patience. I’ve tried it as a sub, but I’m with them all day and they’re not independent yet. I also don’t do the whole “oh good job, you wrote your name” or middle school puberty.

      Gold! That’s it!

  2. I had a green couch (that we had to sell when we moved)! I was lucky that it came with pillows, but they were patterned and had gold in them (like Amanda said). I never would have bought them myself because they just weren’t my taste, but I ended up loving them. I really miss that couch :/ hahaha. I miss substitute teaching.. I loved going into a different classroom every day – it was always an adventure! Middle school was my favorite age group – more specifically 6th and 7th grades.

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