WIAW: It’s always time for ice cream here. (Best breakfast, ice cream, & sushi!)

There is so much food to share. I don’t even know where to begin.

Let’s start with the BEST: Lauren of Sweat the Sweet Stuff’s s’mores French toast. I’ve made this several times and I always want more. *I met Lauren at Blend 2013, she’s super personable, beautiful, and writes a wonderful blog!


Breakfast for dinner: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen paleo copycat McGriddle. But I added whiskey-ginger cheese.


Sale at Whole Foods on Suja Elements: 2 for $5


Organic chicken was on sale. First time making a whole chicken at home!


While I was there, they had their Pitaya Festival and a local gelato shop, Mangiamo Gelato, made pitaya sorbetto for $1! Pitaya is dragonfruit.


I finally got my hands on Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream. This is snickerdoodle and the best ice cream in Orange County by far.


I tried Almond Haus. They make Asian teas with almond milk, which makes sense since so many are lactose intolerant. I chose the mint coffee… mint leaves in every sip? Not cool. It was too sweet so I strained it and gave it to my little cousin.


Tried a new yogurt. This line from Voskos is very creamy and delicious.


There’s no food in the house because we’re moving this weekend. Hopefully the rain will hold off! I needed bland food for my tummy so I chose plain Stonyfield Greek yogurt and mixed in some chocolate greens powder. Not good but edible.


I got to sub for a math teacher I subbed for last week and was excited to come back. I loved the classes the first time. For lunch, I ordered the hand roll combo with black rice from Slow Fish, which was a nice 2 minute drive away! It was so good too – fresh veggies and high quality proteins!


In the evening, I met up with my friend Jada for wine and some apps (no dessert though?!) at Seasons 52. We mingled with strangers too. 🙂


9 thoughts on “WIAW: It’s always time for ice cream here. (Best breakfast, ice cream, & sushi!)

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