Treat Yourself Tuesday: A Place to Sit!


This week has included a lot of treats, of the frozen kind. While everyone else is frozen, it’s sunny here in California.


But you’ll see you those treats tomorrow. 🙂

I will share the whiskey ginger cheddar I purchased. Splurge! This is my favorite cheese!


On Sunday, I picked the flooring for the bedroom. It’s the only room I’m redoing because the rest of the house is fine/it’s expensive.

The big treat? This couch with a queen sleeper for more than HALF OFF! There were 2 color options (the other was blue), but I went with this “basil” color. In person, it looks mid-century modern.


What’s the last piece of furniture you bought?

What kind of couch do you have? We had a suede (or faux suede) couch in NC so I knew not to get one this time. Growing up our couches were velvet with flower or tweed. Uh… gross!


3 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: A Place to Sit!

  1. You know, I don’t have the BEST furniture, however, I do have the best cradenza for under my TV… So yeah, I have that going for me… But… Everything else ain’t super duper fancy because I am waiting for my big mansion, but of course! LMFAO!!! I do love furniture shopping. If you come to LA to do more shopping, I am going to invite myself! 😉

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