MIMM: Valentine’s Day weekend/BLEND

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend with loved ones, whether or not you buy into Valentine’s Day. This is my 26th Valentine’s Day solo. πŸ™‚

I spent the morning at work with some great students and then took my MARVELOUS mom to dinner.

Take 1:


Much better.


We went to MARVELOUS solita and so did everyone else! I saw my co-worker/work mom there, my cousin went, and another couple I know.

Mom and I shared the corn elote.


Mom got the “just tacos” plate of 4 tacos: chile chicken, carnitas, chorizo/bacon/sweet potato, and crispy fish.


I didn’t get ceviche, which I always get the 5 other times I’ve come here (or to their sister restaurant). Instead, I got the MARVELOUS skinny burrito filled with lettuce, avocado, chicken, and tortilla strips.


On Saturday, I picked up some MARVELOUS post-Valentine’s Day candy from Sprouts.


…and took advantage of the sale at Whole Foods. Georgia on my mind.


My cousin and I went to Confetti Ice. They serve Italian ice with custard. I got MARVELOUS peanut butter and Reese’s chip and ate all of it before taking a picture.

We proceeded to go to a MARVELOUS huge new candy/novelty shop, Sweet XO. The guy who worked there literally started singing the 50 cent song! They also sell bath salts/bombs, bacon everything, and baking supplies.

Sour candy heaven! This was just one teeny corner.


I love Sundays – I love relaxing. First up, a MARVELOUS walk to and from yoga.


I then did some roaming. I ate my lunch and dinner at home but did get some MARVELOUS vegan mac and cheese from Mother’s. Ultimate comfort food.


…and I couldn’t help but try MARVELOUS Elli Quark again when I saw red velvet!


On my way home, I stopped driving, got out, and took a MARVELOUS hour-long walk at the Newport Back Bay.


I enjoyed MARVELOUS plants, people, and pups, and everyone was so friendly.



Afterwards, I closed my eyes and made the jump. I’m going to MARVELOUS BLEND again this year! I had so much fun last year, and though it was a question of money, I can’t not go.


With all that excitement, my friend Vanessa and I met up for “About Last Night,” which was really a chick flick. It was completely hilarious!

We chatted and I finally came home for a midnight snack of apple & PB. I totally pick the sexiest pajamas.


How did you spend Valentine’s Day? Did you eat chocolate?

Are you going to BLEND?!


8 thoughts on “MIMM: Valentine’s Day weekend/BLEND

    • Lindsay, me too! I had so much fun last year. Did you go? It’s so hard to meet everyone, but I ended making friends with a really cool group of ladies that I had no known about prior to going.

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