Friday Five Favorites: Valentine’s Day 2014


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5 things I’m doing this week

Going to school twice this week. I take classes online but had student teaching orientation and a live chat session that I did at school. Thankfully, this is my last class before I start student teaching. I’ll teach basic algebra & senior English.


Getting Baron to warm up to me.


Taking a walk, even if it’s just in the neighborhood.


Reading Blackberry Winter even though I’m not done with my other books.


Listening to John Legend because it’s Valentine’s Day, and he is perfect.

5 food items

I was so tired yesterday that I needed a coffee. I don’t do Starbucks. Instead, I went to a local Italian-style cafe, Caffe Caldo.


I love getting Neghar Fonooni’s e-mails. This is her protein brownie. I’m using a small temporary conventional oven though.


I also made a second batch of Fitnessista’s superfood snack bites.

…and of course, a Quest Bar for snack.


Taking my mom to solita tacos y margaritas with my mom for Valentine’s Day

Next week, I’m totally making a healthier crunch wrap supreme. I used to make these actually and this recipe reminded me how delicious they are!

5 workouts

My go-to workout: Brittany Bendall’s HIIT & Strength Workout.

Brittany’s barre workouts are fantastic too.

Kettlebells – I need to improve my form/eat more iron.


Restorative yoga, or being so tired that this position felt so good… and walking daily.


Sunday yoga is back too.

Five Six links

Why you need non-exercise movement

Sprinting vs. running

Recovery vs. rest

The secret to fitness

10 protein bars to never eat again

Why you should focus on friendships on Valentine’s Day

What are you doing today on Valentine’s Day?


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