Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Currently: February

Okay, I had no idea this was a thing – to write this once a month. So this is my Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


Current book(s): The Paris Wife

I finished The Kite Runner yesterday and started Almost Moon while today, but it was slow so I headed to the library.

I’m on book 5 already!


Though I’m still “reading” book 4, a non-fiction Women, Food, & God.

Current music: I’m playing the Spice Girls station on Pandora, but I was really excited about “Forget You.” I’m sharing the Jason Chen (again) version.

Current guilty pleasure: Naps and late nights playing QuizUp.

Current nail color: I love this maroon color. It’s supposed to be magnetic, but I just like the color.


Current drink: I really wanted a single can of Zevia, but they didn’t have one. Strawberry and cream soda are my favorites!

Current food: I made Neghar’s chicken and broccoli slaw with added bacon and red peppers.

Current favorite show: “Baby Daddy”

Current wish list: A kettlebell. I’m looking at this one.

Current needs: HOT YOGA. Or just yoga in general. I went to a real live class for the first time in months.

Current bane of my existence: Classwork though I liked tonight’s assignment. It did take me 2 hours though.

Current celebrity crush: Derek Theler from “Baby Daddy”

Current indulgence: Swiss & rye cheese, and chocolate.



Current blessing: Working everyday.

Current outfit: Sweater and Aristocrats pajama pants.

Current excitement: Valentine’s Day. Even though I’m not celebrating it with a significant other and never have, I always celebrate myself!

Current mood: Too awake.


10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Currently: February

  1. I love the way you did your Thinking Out Loud post! I haven’t listened to Spice Girls in forever, but I remember watching their movie at my birthday sleepovers as a kid. For a while when I was reading this, I thought your indulgence was “cheese chocolate” so I was thinking “oh! I wonder how it tastes!” Very cute blog, Julie 🙂

    • They have a chocolate cheddar at Trader Joe’s that has shavings of chocolate in white cheddar and is actually quite good! We used to jam out to Spice Girls during elementary school sleepovers too!

  2. That version of Forget You makes me so happy! I had a piano student that learned that song- she would really rock out to it! Also, that’s a damn good kettle bell! I am so happy because my gym finally got some kettle bells!

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