WIAW: Best week of food ever?!

This week has been epic. I’m sorry I just used that word.

For Super Bowl Sunday, I made Janetha’s spicy six layer dip. It was the star of the evening and completely devoured. I ate a ton of it.



I tried my hand at spaghetti squash. I don’t have a large working oven yet so I boiled the squash, cut it in half, and voila. I made Whitney’s spaghetti squash pad thai with chicken instead of tofu.


I’m totally okay with eating this for lunch and dinner all week.


My FIRST EVER waffle success! This is Neghar‘s protein waffles!


She (Neghar) has also convinced me to check the sources of my meat. Coincidentally, I was having lunch with a co-worker who told me about the cheese she bought at a local butcher shop. I was so excited, I headed there after work!

How have I not heard about the Beef Palace?! Bonus: The butchers were cute too!


I got some samples/a perfect after school snack of wasabi cheese, sharp cheddar, & jerky!


I ended up sticking with what my friend had: Swiss & rye cheese.


I also bought a pound of bacon and a pound of carne asada, which I had for dinner over spaghetti squash.


And after a few days of not having a Quest Bar, I just ate my favorite flavor: white chocolate raspberry. I’m not a raspberry fan, but I sure do love this flavor!

That rounds up possibly the best week of food ever.

What did you make this week?


7 thoughts on “WIAW: Best week of food ever?!

  1. OH MY YUMM!! Your spaghetti squash looks divine! It looks so good and rich like creamy, mac and cheese. I need to know/learn/experiment more with spaghetti squash. I made it once for my family and it was a complete flop. The seeds were still intact and it was by no means tasty. and so does that beef! Californians must be doing it right.

    • No one else in my family eats it though so I found it kind of tough to eat a whole one by myself. I ate it for lunch and dinner for 4 days and still wasn’t able to finish it!

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