Treat Yourself Tuesday: The usual


Most common Treat Yourself Tuesday treat: painting my nails. My toes match my moccasins.


Mondays are great at my school site because it’s late start. So even though I had a 0 period, I got to sleep in till 7:15. I almost forgot again and woke up at 6. A beer and a couple of shots of Southern Comfort with lime made for a great night sleep.

I got off early too. Still, I came home and treated myself to an alarm-less 4 hour nap. Today is a long day so I need it!

Treated myself to an episode of “Bones” and “2 Broke Girls” (before bed) two of my favorite shows. My friend is going to be on “Bones!” Love the interns so I’m sad with the “news” in the new episode!

Well, I forgot to buy books for my last class. I’ve rented off Skyo mostly, but I needed them quick and Amazon does it for cheap. Plus, they deliver to a locker that’s nearer to my physical residence than my current mailing residence.

Wait, I’m not sure that last one was a treat…

I made some pumpkin amazeballs though. So good. Also check out my protein pancake in a mug this morning. This has never happened.


Oh, and I’m playing the “Food” category on QuizUp because I’m good. 🙂


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