Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Nap & rest


This is such a fluff post, but I’m working on a post on What is normal eating? for next week. I’m going to not only post my eats but the eats of my family members who put a lot less thought on their eats.

I took a 4 hour nap after sleeping a good 7.5 hours the night before. This makes up for last week. Needless to say, a workout did not happen.

I’m addicted to “Breaking Bad.” Yeah, I was late to the party. My roommate and I watched it years ago then when I moved, I stopped watching. 😦 Now I’ll watch a few episodes a night.

I’m also into QuizUp. My cousin introduced me to it and it’s so much fun!

One more assignment and I’m done with this class. It’s a big one.

I need an oven so I want to bake spaghetti squash and make this:

I love this kitchen, but I decided not to do red.

I can just make these in the meantime though, and now I’m hungry.

Valentine’s Day is coming up according to Pinterest. These are the cutest ever!

I love V-Day, but this is more like me:


And here’s a throwback Thursday picture for you:

Me in 1st grade


My mom at 28


Hasn’t January been the longest month?!

Help me out! So, what is normal eating?


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Nap & rest

  1. I’m late to the “BB” party too. I’m finally on the last season and hubby had decided he was going to finish it without me. I only have 6 episodes so I”ll see it soon, but I had asked him for comments like “Did it end how you wanted it to?” and he said “No comment”

  2. That spaghetti squash pad thai look so good! I am going to check out that recipe! And I think “normal eating’ is different for everyone! I think you have to find what works best for you. I think the main thing is to eat real food, not the processed junk, and get plenty of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats.

  3. I love Breaking Bad! We just finished the last of it last weekend. Amazing story.
    And it’s so funny that you mention QuizUp because I was just introduced to it yesterday and cannot stop playing. It is so addictive!
    That pad thai and french toast look amazing! I currently have butternut squash in the oven and buckwheat noodles in the making, so I’m almost having butternut squash pad thai tonight 🙂

  4. Naps are the love of my life. I can’t say that I’ve ever taken one for that long (jealous!), but a quick one in the afternoon works wonders for my energy… especially since I wake up so ridiculously early. And I actually thought that January went by pretty quickly, but then again the weather has been pretty nice around here and I did get to escape to Cali for a week, so I guess that helps 🙂

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