Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Pretty Little Liars & Hearst Castle


I had a day off, could not sleep (2 hours at night and an hour during the day?!), and instead, went grocery shopping at a brand new Sprouts and watched TV before getting on with my day (homework, workout, eating). I’m not sure how I’m alive right now!

Anyone else get excited about $1 eggs, $1.99 peanut butter, & $1.50 Amy’s burritos?!


Okay, onto my random thoughts this week:

I’m sorry, but when else can I share my thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars?” Don’t worry, that’s not what this post is all about. I binged watched this last summer and devoted so much time that I have to watch it now.

  • Hanna gets the hottest guys. First Caleb and now Travis. I can’t decide which one I like more!
  • Aria needs to get over Ezra, especially in light of the fact that he’s creepy and that Jake (right) is hot.
  • Ali being alive finally moves things along.
  • Emily/Shay Mitchell is gorgeous.
  • I need to find a place to throw plates.
  • “Ravenswood” is just not as good. I watched the first couple of episodes and didn’t like it.

On Sunday, my friend Andrew and I went to the Hearst Castle. I went years ago with my mom but definitely enjoyed it more this time since we weren’t on a tour bus with old people.

Giant photo dump:


Main residence


Spanish ceilings


Dining table


Gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean from the estate


Guest house


Neptune pool


Indoor Roman pool (loved!)


Many stops on the way home

Do you watch “Pretty Little Liars?” Is there a show that you comment on?


3 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Pretty Little Liars & Hearst Castle

  1. Is it blasphemy to admit that I’ve never watched PLL? I don’t have cable and I feel so left out when people start talking the latest TV shows because I’ve never seen any of them… I’m thinking that I should probably look into getting Netflix, but between work, school, blogging, and trying to maintain a social life, there’s not much time left over for TV!

  2. I’m glad PLL is finally moving along. I watched the first 2 seasons but had to stop because like, how many times are they going to fall for all of these creepy “A” texts/emails. I’d just change my number, wouldn’t you? lol

    That castle looks amazing, I love visiting places like that. Gorgeous!

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