Five Favorite Things Friday: Home gym & lessons


I found out why I’m having trouble sleeping and then why I also wasn’t very hungry.

I got this Shapeology Burn Blend in my bulubox and gave it a try.

I took 2 capsules of it and could only sleep for 2 hours. I then couldn’t go back to bed until 11 A.M. the next morning and only for an hour! I took another serving of it before I realized that the capsules have the equivalent of 3 cups of caffeine.

But, it curbed my appetite and gave me energy for my workout the next day!

Everything in the box this month was a win (and I didn’t like the box last time I got it):

Good and good for you gummy vitamins for adults

Five foods I ate

Unpictured nut butter & jelly amazeballs



Roasted my first grapefruit


Baked another recipe from Primal Cravings: gingerbread muffins but don’t have a muffin tin so used a huge ramekin.


Go-to snack: apples & PB.


Five things for my at-home “gym” all of which I’m searching for on craigslist.


Wall ball

Dumbbells I personally have 8 pounds hand weights and have borrowed my cousin’s 5 pound weights and adjustable weights (up to 15 pounds).

Exercise ball, which I have somewhere.

Foam roller

Five lessons from Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.

I need more carbs to get rid of the “brain fog.”

I eat a lot more protein than this guide suggested. My macros are the equivalent of someone in competition mode. With that said, why am I not?

Along with articles from Metabolic Effect, I’ve come to realize I’m still recovering from starvation mode. I eat really clean most of the time, except for drinking. Refeeding (or “cheat meals,” a term I despise), like this past weekend’s pizza(s), is necessary and I should trust myself because I make healthy choices.

I have to add in some cardio again. I used to do a lot of it, but I pretty much quit because it’s boring (elliptical for 2 hours at a time anyone?) and I’ve developed foot problems.

I need to visualize myself being successful in order to be successful.

Five Seven links

How to use the Ikea RÅSKOG cart

Be kind  to yourself – do I really think about myself every 30 seconds?

8 hours of sleep is the norm? I sleep in 2 shifts though.

I tracked how much I sit and even with standing at work for 5 hours or more, I sit the rest of the time. I may be sedentary active.

10 reasons you’re not getting results in the gym

When healthy becomes unhealthy

Rituals for the modern woman

Do you have a home gym or some equipment at home? What is a necessity for home workouts?


15 thoughts on “Five Favorite Things Friday: Home gym & lessons

  1. Hey Julie! My daughter takes Smarty Pants vitamins and loves them! I didn’t realize they had an adult version…fun! I have a treadmill and elliptical at home, also some weights, and a foam roller. I go through spurts where I use them alot and sometimes not at all. I also have a gym membership so usually when I’m not using them at all I’m at the gym. 🙂

  2. I love home workouts! Sometimes it’s the only way for me to fit it in. I like Jillian Michael’s dvds as well as the Tracy Anderson Method series. Sometimes it’s as simple as doing planks, jumping jacks, lunges, etc!

  3. I prefer working out at home because it’s way more convenient. Recently, I’ve become pretty addicted to youtube fitness such as fitness blender, blogilates and daily hiit. A lot of the workouts are equipment free, but I do some dumbells, a few kettlebells and exercise ball at home.

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