WIAW: A- food

I ate pizza twice this weekend and though I love pizza, I didn’t feel great afterwards. With that and the previous weekend of drinking, I’m glad I eat so well on the weekdays. My body feels icky but am sure to feel better by week’s end… as always.

My friend bought Primal Cravings and after seeing all her creations, I bought it too.

So far though, I’ve only made the Devil’s Food Snack Cake. It was so good and lasted me (and my little cousin) half a week.


Heather over at Kiss My Broccoli wrote a post about her love for tortillas. They needed to make a comeback for egg burritos and salmon wraps – definitely makes my canned salmon & tuna meals of late doable. These glorious La Gloria Low Carb flour tortillas from Whole Foods heat up nicely.


Saturday was relaxed with family, so we went out for Yogurtland. We haven’t had it in so long!


I’ve been very unsuccessful in making waffles. Maybe it’s the waffle iron because I put more fat on this recipe from Accidently Delish. The top came off easily but the batter stuck to the bottom. 😦 There’s a waffle recipe in Primal Cravings that I’ll be trying.


I had Monday off, picked up a dryer in south county, & got kombucha with a $2 off coupon.


I started using Fooducate to see the “grades” of my food. I’m obsessed with getting A’s and haven’t gotten anything below an A since my junior year as an undergrad (and I’m in grad school now).

2 days in and I got A- both days.


Fitnessista’s perfect protein pancakes: almond milk, 10 grain pancake & waffle mix, Sunwarrior protein, and an egg white.


Shrimp spring rolls with avocado and no noodles


Do you use an app to track food? I use MyFitnessPal for my macros because it has a huge database. Besides macros though, I like to know the grades of my food, but the database isn’t extensive enough yet.


16 thoughts on “WIAW: A- food

  1. Omg I had my first piece of pizza in FOREVER last night and let me just tell you, my taste buds were SINGING. I forgot how good that stuff is. But yes, if I would’ve at more than 1 slice I’m sure I would’ve had a tummy ache. I don’t do well with all that grease and cheese! My body just isn’t used to it

  2. NOW I WANT THIS BOOK! See what you did! lol. I love how crazy creative people can be with their food. Play with your food- DO IT – something awesome might come out of it! And I don’t really track my food – I generally eat the same thing every day though, so there is no need – ha ha.

  3. You totally reminded me just now that Reed’s make kombucha! I’ve been meaning to try their line. I was using MFP to track calories but I don’t really do that anymore. I think I’d really love to see what my macros are doing though! Thanks for sharing.

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