Treat Yourself Tuesday: Getting Artsy


This weekend, we found The Fresh Market in Santa Barbara. I treated myself to covered bacon pretzel, grapefruit gummies, and Thai curry cashews.

When I got home, I finally treated myself to streaming “Her.”

This is a big one, and I have no photo of it yet, but I treated myself to the purchase of a dryer.

And this evening I treated myself to perusing at art and posters for the house.



Bedroom 🙂

Living room in yellow and gray:

Mantel, in yellow:

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?


8 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday: Getting Artsy

  1. Did you like Her? I saw it a week or so ago and I really liked it. I also love that pancake poster! I don’t have a lot of art decorating my walls, but I’ve definitly got a lot of DIY ideas on pinterest and bookmarked on my computer.

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