Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Macros, goals, & visualization


I’m digging savory foods lately and this is the best breakfast. I heated up a Trader Joe’s whole wheat flatbread while I microwaved 2 egg whites, placed soy cheese on top, and then spread avocado and topped it off with 2 slices of salami. IMG_2180

I saw one of the coolest studentsit’s the little things that make my day – when I subbed in a chemistry class. I last took chemistry when I was 16 so I can’t remember anything and felt bad being unable to help them balance equations. Also, a clean and organized class is appealing to me now. I used to want to make it my own, but it becomes a mess. IMG_2181

Instead of decorating, I need to invest in rubber mats (which I worked out on and will need for our new home – exciting details later!) and a water purifier. IMG_2184

I’m halfway done with Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I decided on a 35% carb, 25% fat, & 40% protein split. The book recommends 50% carbs, 20% fat, & 30% protein. That’s a lot of carbs. I actually upped my percentage from the original – I’m not battling carbs, I need them. I also have more fat because it has kept me fuller. I’m eating more avocado and don’t crave peanut butter anymore. IMG_2185 I also wrote my weekly, monthly, and 3-month goals.

My weekly goals:


My monthly goals:


My 3-month goal for health and student teaching.


Another practice suggested in the book is visualization.

Jessica Alba Biel

Kelly Rowland

Neghar Fonooni

Let’s get started. I need to lose the jiggle surrounding the muscles, but my traps are impeccable and my leg workouts have left me sore over the last 2 weeks. IMG_2196

Do you pay attention to macros?

How often do you write goals?

Do you remember anything from high school chemistry? Hey, I got an A and remember understanding it back then.


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Macros, goals, & visualization

  1. I don’t follow macros or calorie counting, I found for me getting too caught up in numbers made my relationship with food not the best but I know others have had great success with it. I need to set some goals for 2014, I love how organised you are with yours.

  2. I used to track my macros religiously, but it got to be a really unhealthy obsession for me so I gave it up and just kind of go with the flow now. I’ve found that my body will generally tell me what it wants without me needing to plan everything out, which is something that I definitely appreciate. Writing out your goals like that is an awesome practice, though… I may have to look into doing something like that myself.

    • I’ve only ever calorie counted before and got obsessed with it. I’ll see how this pans out, but so far, it’s less obsessive than calorie counting, maybe because I learned to get over the numbers. I like looking at stats though.

  3. I DO NOT do the macro thing. Or the calorie counting thing. That’s a big no no for me because of my ED past. HOWEVER, I do think it is helpful to certain people, so I would never discourage it. I just think that sometimes we get so caught up in the numbers that we lose sight of the nutrients and what our body needs. Love the goals though! I think its really important to have a plan 🙂

    • I too was caught up with calorie counting. I deleted the app for a long time to get myself weaned off it. I realized I still counted in my head though. Now I’m relatively off counting, but I like stats and macros doesn’t restrict me. I realized I’m pretty much already eating within my macros already – the stats just make me more aware of it.

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