Spill It, Sunday: 5 Trends

Spill-it-Sunday-option-2-1I wish I had pictures of me in these trends, but I didn’t take many pictures in middle school. Thank goodness. Those were bad fashion years.

Selfie: last night was fun but this morning I slept in, had tons of energy to work out & run errands, and then burned out….IMG_2125Trend #1: Overalls without the top on

I remember wearing overalls because I hate pants. I have the same problem of the legs not fitting and the waist being too big now too, but I just deal with it. Then it became popular in middle school to sag them.

Maybe I was channeling Destiny’s Child.

Or the Fresh Prince.

Trend #2: Volatile shoes, Adidas, skater shoes, and Nike Dunks, though the latter are still cool. 🙂 Now I wear Vans and cheap flats from Target.

These were the Shape Ups of the 90s.

Trend #3: Coach purses

I grew up in middle-upper class Orange County. We weren’t rich, but we pretended like we were. I never got one of these in high school like my friends. When I got my first job, I paid $300 for a purse. It didn’t even have a zipper. Now I will only spend money on purses I like.

Trend #4: Basketball

I was obsessed with the game back in 2003. I stopped living through sports

Trend #5: Gel pens

This trend came from my fellow Asians. Pens were a big deal as was writing out name in bubbly letters.

And decorating our binders with care. Um, who has time for that now?

Did you follow any of these trends?


4 thoughts on “Spill It, Sunday: 5 Trends

  1. Oh my god gel pens!!! I used to write all over EVERYTHING (including myself) with those things! Tell me it wasn’t the coolest thing to have a “gel pen tattoo”.
    Ohhh memories…

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