WIAW: Too full on 1200 calories?

So, the title of this post… let me explain:

Have you ever had to force yourself to eat more?  Sometimes my body is used to eating less because I had given it a lot less in my ED days. Sometimes certain foods don’t digest too well. It might be those shirataki noodles I had today.

1200 used to be the magic number. It is not anymore. Why? Would you give someone who is in a coma less than 1200 calories? No, never. So why would I give myself, who is walking around at the very least, less than that? This BLEW MY MIND. My body needs fuel, but more so, my brain needs it. Seriously, that’s what went away (my mental and psychological health) with ED.

So why was I full?

  • A. My gut needs help.
  • B. I’m ate more protein today.
  • C. I shouldn’t eat shirataki noodles and things like it. Yes, it’s 40 calories for a whole bag but really, it’s not super tasty and it’s texture appears hard to digest. We all make mistakes.
  • D. I need to eat more earlier.
  • E. I’m on my period.

Read this too.

The bigger issue is counting calories. I still do it. I will go weeks without doing it, but I always have a general idea because I was a calorie counter for years. I like the numbers and stats – it’s comforting. So wait, does that still mean I have ED in another form? Probably not.

No work yesterday. Not by choice. But here is what I did do: I slept in until 10:30. I’ve been really tired since I took sleeping pills the last 2 nights. Sure, it knocks me out, but I don’t get 8 hours of sleep so I’m still tired. I got my workout in early. Maybe this article is true – my body was sore or cold and it hurt to work out immediately after waking up. I got to toast bread for this sandwich. Chicken, salami, cheese, and avocado oh my! IMG_2037 On another note, I was starring at my avocado oatmeal face mask and thought how annoyed I get when people spell avocado wrong. I love avocados and it’s an injustice to spell it wrong! I read for class. It took forever because it’s boring… and I didn’t learn anything new. :/ I took a nap. I told you I was tired! I finished my homework. What a struggle! I made a faux pad Thai dish for dinner. Shirataki noodles in peanut sauce (it doesn’t soak into the noodles though) with broccoli, sauteed onions, and 1 egg + 1 egg white. IMG_2043 I watched “Pretty Little Liars.” I also watched the preview episode of “The Bachelor.” I’ve never watched the series, but Juan Pablo is hot. The girls look alike am I right? And then… I spotted someone in the blog world in the auditions – she should’ve made it! I was stuffed after dinner, but I hadn’t eaten anything besides the 2 meals above and a Quest bar so I forced myself to have something else. I made a French toast protein shake with lots of cinnamon. Okay, I didn’t really have to force myself – it’s delicious! IMG_2050 All this barely hit 1200 calories. 😦 Now I’m bloated and my boobs hurt, probably because Aunt Flow is visiting. No more food… Last thing, I’ve heard a lot about kabocha squash and bone broth. Well, my aunt gave me kabocha squash in bone broth to take home and have tomorrow. Apparently, this is an Asian dish. Huh. IMG_2049 So, tell me… have you ever had to force yourself to eat more?


8 thoughts on “WIAW: Too full on 1200 calories?

  1. I am right there with you. Seriously. I get it. I ate around 500 calories a day for years in college. Then again for about a year, 2 years ago. Since then I’ve been forcing myself to eat more. I think i’m right around 1200. And gaining weight. But you’re right in that it’s kind of mind blowing to find out 1200 is too low. I thought I had my ED under control since I was eating more than 500. Guess not.
    Right now eating paleo works for me. No more bloating or upset stomachs.

  2. First off, I loooove avocado on sandwiches. It’s so creamy! I think there have been times that I have forced myself to eat more… but normally it’s only when I’m sick (I’ve got an autoimmune disease that affects my digestive system and such) and loose my appetite and I just know I need to eat more.

  3. i use to be in the same boat while recovering and my nutritionist told me at this point sometimes we just have to eat when we’re not hungry, be uncomfortable, but remember it will pass. it always does. and since your body needs it, usually that feeling goes away in the matter on an hour. just remember this part is temporary and i can detest to that. now my body craves the food i once was forcing myself to eat. it scared me at first, but your body knows what it wants and needs. so yes it may be uncomfortable, but it’s what you need to do to get healthy.

  4. Oh petal I feel you there, I used to be in a similar boat when I went through a restrictive phase, I think it takes time for your body to get used to eating more food, just add in a little more food each day and see if that helps? Plus eating smaller more calorie dense foods like nut butters and coconut oil worked well for me 🙂

  5. I really like to eat so not a big problem for me. However, I have struggled with disordered eating and restricting calories. For a long time I felt like while I was no longer disordered in my eating, there was always its looming presence.

  6. Oh my I know all too well what you are talking about. Even though I have been “recovered” for about 8 years I still have the mentality I used to have about food. I am very aware of everything I am eating, sometimes it drives me nuts, but it is who I am. I have noticed eating small meals throughout the day really helps me. You are doing a wonderful job. It simply takes time. 🙂

  7. That protein shake looks delish! When I was recovering and on a quest to restore my health, some days I definitely had to force down some meals and snacks to make sure I was fueling my body right! Even now, ocassionally some days when I have an intense workout it kills my appetite..odd, right? I still mentally have to mentally make sure I eat enough some days.
    I suggest adding lots of healthy fats (more avocados, oils, nuts, seeds, egg yolks, butter, etc.) to your diet to add in more calories, to ensure your body gets enough energy to recover and fuel from daily activities and workouts 🙂

  8. I know what you mean about the calorie thing. I’ve been recovered from an eating disorder for 4 years now, yet I’m still always aware of what I’m eating and the number of calories I’m consuming. Not because I count calories, but because I did it for such a long time in the past that I can’t seem to get out of that mindset. And yes, shirataki noodles definitely make me feel super full and bloated. I only eat them when I know I’m not going out anywhere because I’m always so uncomfortable after eating them. But I really like them so I refuse to give them up.

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