How I Wish to Treat Myself Tuesday


Yesterday was miserable.

After 2 weeks of nothing bliss, I returned to school xs 2, work and my classes.

Here’s how the morning went:

  • 5 A.M. – Wake up. Check SubFinder. Nothing. Press snooze.
  • 5:10 A.M. – Alarm goes off. Check SubFinder. Nothing. Press snooze.
  • 5:20 A.M. – Alarm goes off. Check SubFinder. Nothing. Press snooze.
  • This ensued until 6:10. At 6, requests for subs go almost immediately to the automated phone line so really there’s no point in checking. Except there were 3 openings and 1 of them was available. The phone line must have been tied up with 2 of them!

Unfortunately, this meant I would get to sleep in for maybe 30 minutes before having to wake up for work. Not much of a slumber…

This is a new school site for me and it wasn’t too shabby. I especially loved the class I was in.

I had a period off so I worked out for 35 minutes – brought a towel to put on the rug in class. 🙂 Then I did some reading for my class on that couch, and ate my sandwich at that table.


I was so tired from the lack of sleep. I got 5 hours of quality sleep then maybe 1 hour of on/off sleep. I started reading Divergent… then of course, fell asleep.

I woke up, ran an errand, and did another quick workout while waiting for the shower.

My friend Kayla, who lives in Texas, did this too. Virtual workout buddies!

So how am I treating myself?

Homemade hot cocoa while reading for class. Salted caramel vodka hot chocolate would be better.


This “Gourmet Cheesecake Protein Bar” was next to the Quest bars at GNC so I gave it a shot. Sadly, not as good. Maybe I should’ve tried choc chip cookie dough.


Easy frozen dinner. 🙂 First time trying this. I picked it up with my Target gift card from shopkick.


I want another!


…and looking at old pictures with mom. She was 28 in this picture. Some people say we look alike. We don’t think so.


We are still waiting to hear from the realtors about the house. Geez. But mom got the baby in her king cake today at work!


Other ways I’m treating myself Tuesday:

What are ways you treat yourself?


2 thoughts on “How I Wish to Treat Myself Tuesday

  1. Oh man, you and I got about the same amount of sleep last night, girlfriend. Wowzers! I cannot wait to get some shut eye tonight. Awesome ways to treat yourself too – hot chocolate/chocolate coffee drinks ALL THE WAY! Thanks for linking up ❤

  2. I REALLY WISH I could eat those Quest Bars – all those flavors sound AMAZINNGGGGG – Cheesecake?! Give me a break – Break me off a piece, screw you dairy allergies, lol!

    And I HATEEEEE when I don’t get enough sleep, ugh!!!!!!! I have this app that tracks my sleep and it’s so weird because when I think I get good quality sleep, the app tells me otherwise! HA!

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